17 Ultimate Fat Torching and Strengthening Kettlebell Complexes

More info here https://go.cavemantraining.com/kettlebell-complexes-made-simple This video will show you 17 of the ultimate fat torching and strengthening unique kettlebell complexes designed by Cavemantraining. Not only are these exercises great for burning fat and getting stronger, but they also train power, flexibility, endurance, and much more.

These kettlebell exercises are part of the book Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple a 220+ page book and over 2-hour long video that explains each of the complexes in detail, provides alternatives like one kettlebell options, beginner options, etc. The video features Taco Fleur and Anna Junghans from Cavemantraining two top kettlebell trainers that know how to break complex exercises into easy to understand bits of information. The video is available for purchase on Cavemantraining in streaming format and on Amazon as DVD or Blu-ray.

https://go.cavemantraining.com/begin and find out how to start your kettlebell journey. If you are ready to dive into some of the most awesome and results-producing kettlebell complexes then go to https://www.cavemantraining.com/shop/ebook/kettlebell-complexes-made-simple/ to download the book now or order your paperback copy from Amazon today https://amzn.to/2ScN4I5

The book covers but is not limited to:

The Asgard Kettlebell Strength Complex
T.Fleur Lift
Tabletop Complex
Triple S Thruster Buster
UKC Ultimate Kettlebell Complex
Curtis P (Kettlebell Version)
WBKC Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo
The Power Complex
How to program
King’s Combo
Super Mobility Combo
MBG Kettlebell Combo
Powerhouse Complex
Burpee Deadlift Combo
The Curtsy Complex
Monster Combo
Kettlebell Community and Resources
Additional Information
Mind-muscle Connection
Kettlebell Anatomy
What Weight Kettlebell Should I Start With?
Kettlebell Grips

A kettlebell complex is a series of kettlebell exercises strung together intelligently so they can be performed from one into the other without rest or having to stop in between. Kettlebell complexes are popular in CrossFit, at-home workouts, or in the kettlebell training community, and anytime when wanting a kettlebell compound workout. A kettlebell complex can be performed with a single or double kettlebell.

The benefits of a kettlebell complex are that you’re usually working the full-body in a very dynamic way with compound exercises. This means that more joints are incorporated and more muscle groups are recruited. A huge plus.

Kettlebell complexes are also known as flows and combos, although flows are usually 1 rep exercises strung together and flowing, and combos are usually designed with 2 to 3 exercises and complexes with many. The meaning of complex: consisting of many different and connected parts.

Last but not least, kettlebell complexes are great to include in kettlebell conditioning circuits or kettlebell workouts for conditioning.

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