2 x 24kg Overhead Kettlebell Squat (55kg bodyweight)

Warm Up and Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down phases of your exercise routines are important for keeping your body injury free. Getting the blood flowing through your body and muscles by doing calisthenics and some stretches will help improve your workouts. Your cooling down period will help your body to redirect the blood flow back to normal.

Exercises Have Proven To Have Major Health Benefits

As millions of people flock to the gym armed with New Year’s resolutions to get in shape, medical experts are offering an additional reason to exercise: Regular workouts may help fight off colds and flu, reduce the risk of certain cancers and chronic diseases and slow the process of aging. Physical activity has long been known to bestow such benefits as helping to maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress, not to mention tightening those abs. Now, a growing body of research is showing that regular…

From No Time To More Time For Exercise-Effective Exercise Tips

“I don’t have the time” is the most common explanation people offer when asked why they are not able to achieve their exercise and weight loss plans. This article gives innovative exercise tips for busy people.

The Top Ways to Be Healthier – Now

There are ways to be healthier that show results gradually while there are those top ones that can make you feel healthier in one instant — however, these are not very common. Fortunately, most of the ways that you can follow to achieve a healthier lifestyle can be easily done. Despite the results manifesting slowly, you can be assured that these methods work on your body day by day, from the very instant when you first applied it. Below are some of the easiest ways for you to become healthier than you are right now.

Comprehensive Review of the Exercise

There is a tremendous amount of ‘expert” advice available these days, on the Internet and in magazines, related to exercise and health. However, far too many tend to offer only one-sided input, and this lack of a balanced study could actually result in injury to a client or in the reluctance of a client to try an exercise regimen that would actually be very beneficial to them. Unfortunately, the primary goal of the advertisers and media seems to be the selling of their device, magazine or product rather than the informed education of the public and, in acting this way, they do us all a great dis-service.

How to Maintain Good Health for a Long Life

Anyone who wants to live a long life should take care of his or her health in order to achieve this goal. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve your health quickly and maintaining it for the rest of your life. One of the simplest solutions for a good health is regular exercise.

Post Pregnancy Workout – 3 Questions That Will Help You Embrace Exercise After Pregnancy

Do you know how easy it is to achieve success or failure in your weight loss efforts simply by modifying the questions you ask yourself? Here are 3 questions that will ensure you succeed where others have failed.

The Tabata Training Protocol

The Tabata Protocol, although not a new training method, is one of the latest crazes to hit the main stream, but the best thing about this training system is that it really works, and is backed by scientific studies that proves it. This is not a gimmick, but a great way to get yourself in shape and losing fat.

Technical Workout Terms

When you are searching the internet or reading a fitness magazine the authors often use words that many of us are unfamiliar. If you are like most people who read something they don’t understand, you probably skip over that section of the exercise or you just don’t exercise at all. Now we all know this is not what we want to happen so I am going to make a page that defines the words that I feel are the most common so that we can all be knowledgeable when it comes to our fitness, exercise, and nutritional goals.

Learning About the Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Today exercise plays a bigger part in most people’s lives because they realize that to be fit and healthy it takes more than just eating properly. Fitness tools like the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor can help you reach and maintain a healthier lifestyle sooner. The advantage of using heart rate monitor is that they are small and compact, they can be worn while you are exercising and not be in the way or weigh you down.

Considerations on Tai Chi in the Role of Falls Prevention

At its core Tai Chi is concerned with enabling people to learn how to stand and move in stable relaxed fashion, i.e. learn how to not fall over. Ian has been involved in a number of Tai Chi Falls Prevention programmes aimed at developing habits of good balance and mobility in older people.

The Top 3 Most Important Parkour Training Exercises for Newbies

A lot of people see parkour on TV and immediately want to engage in full-blown chase scenes through exploding construction sites (guilty myself). But the truth is, parkour, free running, whatever you want to call it -it can be dangerous and it takes work to do safely.

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