20-Minute Full Body Strength & Cardio Kettlebell Workout

Get Outside This Weekend – 10 Outdoor Activities

If you have been wanting to lose weight and get into better shape, use the weekend to help springboard into action. You may find this the perfect opportunity to create a healthy weekend habit that you will come to truly love which in turn will start leading you to develop other healthy living habits. Here are 10 different outdoor activities to get you thinking of some possible options.

Muscle Metabolism

This article is going to introduce you to Metabolism and how the muscles utilise the various energy systems available to them. It will also give you an invaluable insight into how what we eat has a direct impact on how efficiently our muscles perform, and recover from exercise.

Functional Training: Top 5 Mistakes

“Functional Training” has been a buzz phrase in the industry for more than the past decade. However, there are still mistakes being made by beginners and uninformed professionals. Here’s our top 5 list.

Balance Exercises For Elderly And Their Benefits

There are some other additional benefits seniors will gain in addition to the better balance they gain through the balance exercises for elderly. These exercises will on both sides of the body improve the seniors’ flexibility and strength. And they not only lower the risks of falls, trips and slips, but also heighten the likelihood seniors will be able to reduce injury severity and recover balance when in fact these falls happen.

The First Phase of Fitness

Start your exercise routine off strong with the right exercises. Knowing what exercises to do from the start will help to prevent frustration and injuries. No matter what level of fitness you are, it’s always important to train your stabilizing muscles.

Rotating Your Exercise Routine

Standard exercises work our bodies in one dimension. This article emphasizes on the transverse of motion and how to integrate rotational exercises into your workout routine.

Summer’s Over: Tips to Get Back to Fitness

Summer’s over but not your life. You still want to look and feel good. Place your hand weights or your walking shoes where you’ll either stumble over them or pick them up and use them. Don’t grocery shop where you buy gasoline. Use intention and perseverance to create habits that will become the fibers of the fabric of who you are.

Athletics Versus Aesthetics

If you are going to the gym, you’re going for a reason. Make sure your routine matches your goals. Don’t spend time with exercises that may be counterproductive to your body.

The Proper Use of Free Weights for Strength Training

Part of any well-rounded exercise program should be strength training. Most men recognize this, but some women and children shy away from strength training because they think it will do them more harm than good. The fact is strength training should be a part of everyone’s workout regimen, with the caveat that precaution is taken when doing these exercises. This includes taking dumbbells and other free weights out and putting them back in a safe way, as it is surprising how many injuries happen when people are careless merely doing this.

6 Abdominal Exercises For Your At Home Workout

Don’t have time for the gym? Tired of wasting your hard earned money on infomercial products that don’t work? Try these six great abdominal exercises you can do at home that will strengthen your core and burn fat to reveal that sexy six pack fast.

Jogging For Fitness, Weight Loss And Stamina

Jogging and running are good for your health, fitness and for building stamina. They provide great cardiovascular workout, strengthen the muscles and improve mental health by warding off depression and anxiety.

Naked Beauty Package: Is Symulast the Solution for Cellulite?

What is the Naked Beauty Package? The Naked Beauty Package is a comprehensive system which eliminates cellulite by a short series of exercise techniques of precise form, proper tempo, and specific sequences called the Symulast method.

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