25 Minute Beary Awesome Halloween Kettlebell Workout

Want Invincible Hamstrings? Try The Floor Gluteal Hamstring Raise!

First it was the European and Russian weightlifters, then over 70 years later the rest of the western World found this exercise. If your reading this and never heard of this exercise you can add another 50+ years on top of that!

Basic Movement With Massive Gains – Are You Lunging?

Lunges are a lower body exercise regime staple. You strengthen every muscle in your legs and tighten your bum at the same time. However don’t make the mistake of having correct form as they will do you more harm than good.

10 Reason Why Exercise Is Important

Exercise is any activity that raises your heart rate over a certain period of time. It can be walking, jogging swimming or lifting weights. I doubt there is anyone who has not heard that exercise is important. The question is: do you know why? Exercise has many benefits, both physical and non-physical. I have come up with a list of ten reasons why you need to exercise for a healthier and happier life.

Make Sure You’re Doing Your Bodyweight Exercises Right

Bodyweight exercises are a fantastic way for everyone to build a strength fitness program around. With just a little training anyone can become their own fitness trainer, and coupled with a little discipline will be able to do workouts in their home at no cost at all. There adaptability and flexibility makes them something that everyone should look into, even those with serious health conditions. One study found that it has great benefits for stroke patients who had difficulty walking. Obviously there is something here for everyone.

Bird Dogs – A Simple, Effective Beginner Exercise

Now I am not talking about the 1950’s guy who is trying to romance other people’s girlfriends. I’m also not talking about the dog that some hunters use either. What I am talking about is a great beginner exercise for those of you who are looking to improve your core strength and/or just starting out with exercise.

Activate Your Core With Russian Twists

Russian twists are a lonely hero when it comes to the world of abdominal development. Not many people know of them and for those that do not many apply them.

Windscreen Wipers Give You Amazing Abs!

If you have watched the movie 300 the male cast members used variations of this exercise; being floor and hanging, to get their amazing sets of washboard abs. if you don’t know what I mean check out the movie, you will see what I mean.

How To Quickly Increase Your Bench Press

There’s no doubt that bench press is a great exercise to build a large and powerful chest. On top of that, it can help grow your shoulders and triceps in both strength and size when performed properly. Here are some tips to increase your numbers.

Jack Knives, An Exercise That Requires A Combination Of Strength And Balance

Jack Knives have many different varieties. The one that I find most effective is described below. The reason I find this variation so effective is because of the engagement of your hip flexors to a point where there is no other option but for your abs to join in on the party to assist in the movement. This gives you overall development of your abs and not just the top or bottom.

Get A Leg Up, For Great Abs

Hanging leg raises are definitely in my top 5 best abdominal exercises you should be doing. The question is are you?

Exactly How Can You Obtain the Most Out of a Brand-New Group Workout Class?

Whether you’re new to the world of fitness, planning to mix a regular that’s getting stale or require a severe boost of inspiration, trying a brand-new team physical exercise class is an excellent choice. Being in a team setting is a terrific means to press yourself throughout the whole workout. Due to the fact that a teacher is advising you on, and you’re bordered by various other similar people which are tough themselves for the whole 45 or 60 mins, it will motivate you not to peter and only give half of your initiative.

Ab Rollout/Ab Wheel, Sorts Out the Men From The Boys

This is an absolutely awesome exercise, its not easy, its challenging and that’s why I like it so much. You can literally feel yourself getting stronger every time you do it, its amazing.

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