30-Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Great Ab Workouts to Help You Get That Six Pack

Wanting to get that six pack for the summer? Here are a few exercises to help you achieve your goals.

Why Is Exercising In The Morning The Best Time?

There are several benefits when exercising in the morning in contrast to other times of the day. If this sounds surprising consider the time factor. We are getting more done and performance in general is better in the morning than at other times of the day. Getting the most benefits from an effective exercise program it has to become a pattern or routine, and the best time is in the morning. If you schedule your exercise later in the day, invariable, there will be something competing for that time, and you will miss out on that exercise.

Plan Before Your Workout, Health Devices to Track Your During, and Protein for Recovery

There are three main components for a good workout, the before, during, and after. If you maintain these three things you will be able to accomplish more and will not be tired or wear yourself out for the next day.

Survive the Polar Vortex!

Has the wind chill got you down? Is snow piled up outside of your door? Can’t get to the gym? With a suspension trainer and your body, your home is now the gym!

Flexibility and Circuit Exercises: Their Differences and Techniques

Fitness programs for flexibility and circuit training are some of the things that you can include in your fitness routines. These two types of fitness exercises are different from one another and have different techniques to offer.

Giving the Right Impression About Exercise

First and foremost any change to your families attitudes to exercise whether they’re good or bad, it all starts with you. I understand it can put a lot of pressure on parents getting your kids motivated to keep active, so here are some pointers on how to develop good exercising habits: 1. Any sportsman will tell you that exercise is the best stress reliever out there.

Steady State Intensity Cardiovascular Exercise May Not Be Right for You

Seady state cardiovascular exercise means working at an intensity in which the exerciser can carry on for a prolonged period of time without undue fatigue. It’s usually boring and hard on the body. Here are some things to consider regarding this form of exercise.

Marathon Running Programmes: Good or Bad?

There are hundreds of them out there “Run your first 10km” “5km to marathon in 6 months” “Cross train your way to your first marathon” and yes they all work. Unlike them I am not going to give you a daily schedule with a total number of kilometers.

Break Fitness Plateaus With Sandbag Training

Sandbag Training offers not just variety to your fitness program. Following specific progressions and finding how sandbag training can do things dumbbells, barbells, and even kettlebells can not, make them a must! See how fun, versatile, and power packed sandbag training can be for your fitness goals.

How To Pick A Personal Trainer – Part 2

Part 2 of how to pick a personal trainer. Make sure you are getting a personal trainer worth what you’re paying them, and accelerate your progress.

3 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Weight Lifting

Are you thinking of doing weight lifting? Find out three great benefits you gain by lifting weights on a regular basis.

How to Balance Your School, Work, and Exercise?

Are you having trouble finding a balanced life? Use these tips to find enough time to do exercise on a regular basis.

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