35-Minute Full Body Pro Kettlebell Workout

Types Of Laughing Exercises Through Laughter Yoga

The most common laughing exercises are related to laughter yoga exercises. Laughter yoga was created in 1995 by Madaria Kataria. It combines stretching, gentle breathing and simulated unconditional laughter.

Maximizing Your Body’s Potential

What does fitness mean to you? Do you consider fitness staying in shape, maintaining your current weight? Or maybe you would much prefer getting in the best shape of your life.

Easy Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardio workouts are a great way to build endurance. Here is a list of a few simple exercises you can do.

Great Cardio Workouts

Want some more exciting cardio workouts other than just plain running? Well here are a few effective ones you may want to try.

Cardiovascular Targeted Workouts

Here is a list of workouts you can do in the privacy in your own home. Just be sure to stay motivated and determined!

My Grip Is Still Slipping, Now What Should I Do?

Gripping the pole is a really big challenge for most people who are just learning how to pole dance. It takes time for the grip in your hands to develop the strength to hold your body weight so in the meantime, most beginner dancers fall back on grip aids when the first start out.

Never Too Late for a Beachbody

It seems like everything nowadays is revolved around time itself. We as human beings, no matter income level, race or any other background, have all one thing in common… That is we all have 24 hours in a day, according to current society standards. But let’s talk about your health and fitness levels, do they have a time or clock they revolve around with. Other than sleep cycle, not really.

Time to Get Off My Butt

A few months after becoming a full-time coach and working out every day, my sister gave me a Fitbit for my birthday (a Fitbit tracks your daily steps). I was underwhelmed, to say the least. In fact, I think I was even a little insulted. After all, I was practically the bionic woman and was living a clean, green life. What did I need a Fitbit for?

Effective Ab Workouts

Everyone wants to look for bikini season or to just keep their body maintained. Here are a few exercises to keep that stomach tight!

Awesome Ab Workouts With A Medicine Ball

Working out with a medicine ball can really boost your ab workout. Here are a few exercises that you can do.

Tips on How to Do Your First Pull-Up In 5 Easy Steps

Pull-ups are a true measure of upper-body strength. Prepare the body and get stronger so you can do your first pull-up in these 5 easy steps.

Exercise Band Workouts

A description of exercise bands is provided as well as some reasons why exercise or resistance bands are a great way to get fit. Some advantages are covered along with pointers for the beginner or novice level individual looking to get fit.

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