The kettlebell is a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top (resembling a cannonball with a handle). It is used to perform many types of exercises, including ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. They are also the primary equipment used in the weight lifting sport of kettlebell lifting.

Kettlebells are a highly useful tool for fat loss and body toning. They increase core strength and target muscles that dumbbells or barbells can’t reach. Increased strength, fat loss and a general sense of feeling stronger and fitter are some of the benefits.

Kettlebells look like cast iron bowling balls with a handle. They come in various sizes and weights. They are also colorful, painted in colors from blues, to blacks to pinks. You might consider them cute looking because somehow they are.

A bicep curl with a dumbbell exercises the biceps and maybe 1 or 2 surrounding muscles. However, a snatch with a kettlebell works your core, back, thighs, legs, and shoulder muscles in just one move.

The increased range of motion in a kettlebell exercise provides a thorough full-body workout. This type of workout engages more muscles and burns a high number of calories.

There is also a lot more you can do with a single kettlebell than any other hand-held weight. You can lift, swing, jerk, and more. And you can substitute certain moves for others to achieve similar results.

This variety makes training more accessible and more effective. A barbell curl works the bicep and not much else – quite unlike the range achieved with a kettlebell.