Alternating Kettlebell Swing

What IS Health Anyways?

What is health? Most people think they are healthy – but are they really. Our bodies are like automobiles, without regular maintenance they break down.

3 Steps to Maintaining Your Exercise Program

The road to fitness is paved with good intentions. However, did you know that 50% of new exercisers quit within six months of beginning an exercise program? Whether you will engage in activity as a fitness plan, an exercise plan for weight loss or weight management, or for general health enhancement, you surely want to avoid being a drop out statistic. Build these three strategies into your fitness plans. Each one can be instrumental in helping you to develop and maintain a consistent exercise routine.

What’s Your Excuse for Not Getting in Shape?

It’s easy to come up with a million reasons for *not* taking care of our bodies. Here are some tips for creative excuse-busting.

Energy Foods

A wide range of people have a misbelief that they need to starve themselves before they start their workout. Feeling hungry is one of the most common causes to make you either give up or not even start physical activity. Two common and relatively cheap sources of real effective energy which if eaten at the right time before and during your workout will boost your energy to surprising levels to allow you to workout out stronger and for longer.

Fat Belly? Don’t Even Think About Trying To Get A Six Pack Until You’ve Read This!

Nearly EVERYONE can achieve a six pack stomach. There are many myths and misconceptions relating to building muscle and losing fat that you need to know in order to progress and achieve your dream. Exercise is easy when you form a habit and know the facts.

How Joining a Gym Can Change Your Life

Unless you’re a well-established fitness freak, you’ll probably be thinking that you be making more of an effort in the exercise department. Sometimes, knowing how to get back into a healthy lifestyle can be tough. There are many options available to you that you can easily be bombarded with so much choice that you’ll end up choosing nothing. This article will show you how joining a gym can pay off.

Tips to Alleviate Injury When Running

For runners, beginners and experienced alike, who are looking for tips to alleviate or prevent an injury while they are training. These are 3 major tips to consider in your running workout.

What Are the Benefits of Kinesio Taping Techniques?

Kinesio taping techniques are all the rage in sports medicine right now, thanks to a popularity lift from world-wide Olympians. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a clinic specializing in sports injury treatment that isn’t adopting the practice.

Excercise for Anti-Aging

The anti-aging industry is booming as people are becoming more aware of the need to take care of their physical health and well being. Although turning back the clock is still unattainable you can definitely rejuvenate your body and mind through simple and effective techniques such as exercise. Incorporating an exercise program into your day can strengthen your body as well as your immune system.

Gems Of Achieving Fitness Goals

Having fitness goals to achieve can make us forget to reward the small gems of success. Do you put as much energy in rewarding your results as you would in getting through the pain of the workout?

A Guide to Arm Workouts

There are a plethora of exercises that can be used to stimulate the biceps and triceps, far too many to be incorporated into a single workout. This means its vital you choose the correct ones to include in your workout. The variations will target different parts of the muscle, which is needed to give your arm that well rounded look.

HIIT – The Martial Arts for a Serious Six Pack Abs Workout

Use these techniques for a high energy workout. Combining Martial Arts and HIIT is a quick way to get into the best shape of your life.

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