Band Assisted Pull Up – technique

6 Reasons You Should Be Motivate To Get Your Workout ON

There aren’t many people who really enjoy working out, but we all need to do it. Here are 6 reasons you should get motivated to get your workout on.

8 Important Tips That Are Guaranteed To Help You Become Stronger and Healthier

Most often when we feel fatigued, we usually opt for a candy bar or a cup of coffee, or an energy drink. However, even though we experience an almost instant elevation of our moods by the sugar and caffeine content of these foods, this immediate elevation of our moods is usually transient eventually resulting in the crashing of our emotions. After some time, we will end up feeling more emotionally drained and groggy than we were before we took these food items.

What Are Muscle Spasms or Muscle Cramps and How To Prevent Them

A muscle spasm or cramp is involuntary, painful and usually brief. The factors that set off a cramp can be many and include fatigue, dehydration, metabolic disorders, vascular or nerve abnormalities.

Tweens Need Exercise Most of All: 3 Essential Developmental Benefits

The truth is that almost 50% of American youths from the ages of 12 to 21 don’t engage in regular physical activity. As tweens begin to develop and enter their teenage years, this is the most important time to teach a love of physical activity at an early age to create healthy habits that will last.

Top 4 Exercises for the Pear Body Type

Today is Part II in my series on BODY TYPES – one of my BEST KEPT SECRETS to looking great during your pregnancy and beyond! As I said in Part I – once you figure out which body type you are, you will then be able to know what foods you should (or shouldn’t!) be eating, what exercises you should be doing, and even how you should be dressing!

The Difference Between the P90X Routines

The P90X workout is an advanced home workout routine designed to meet the needs of anyone that wants to improve their physical fitness. The Classic, Doubles and Lean routine are designed to give each person a place to start and a place to grow.

Muscle Confusion – Old School Style

Due to its being heavily marketed and sold on television, and otherwise, P90X has given the term “muscle confusion” a prominent place in the vocabularies of just about every fitness enthusiast, personal trainer and bodybuilding professional. Muscle confusion sounds like a highly technical term, but the truth is that it is nothing more than a phrase that’s used to describe the most basic muscle building philosophy around – progressive overload.

Workout Help for the 50 and Older Crowd

“Twenty somethings” can put their bodies through hell. They can lift heavy weights every day, train to failure, use bad form, eat like crap and still make gains. And amazingly they don’t seem to ever hurt themselves. The body is an amazing organism. It adapts, strengthens, grows, survives extreme conditions and conforms itself to the hardships placed upon it. Unfortunately, our bodies age. And as they do, their ability to strengthen, adapt and grow diminishes.

Things You Should Have to Begin Your Zumba Exercise

For anyone who is seeking a workout which is fairly comparable to dancing at a club rather than your boring fitness routine, then go may want to take a look at Zumba exercise. Zumba brings together health, fitness and fun, making use of nearly every muscle in the body while you shake, twist and stomp your way to being fit. Zumba works by using music from the original performers and forgets the aerobics’ class custom of depending on a 32-beat count for each workout. Do not let the party-like environment of Zumba mislead you; if you devote the energy and effort, you can burn off serious fat…

Wing Chun Wooden Man Training

Wing Chun Kung fu is well-known for several unique training methods and applications. Principles such as the centre line, simultaneous attack and defence, Chi Sao or sticking hands and the famous wooden dummy or Mook Yan Jong.

Lombard Fitness Expert Shares Tips on Joining a Gym

Joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer can be tricky. As a fitness expert and one the Chicago area’s number one trainer, I will show how to cut through the clutter and help you make an informed and intelligent decision.

The Benefits of Strength – Why It Is Awesome to Be Strong

Being strong isn’t just for dumb steroid injecting lunks that hang around in the gym all day long. Everyone male or female, from teenagers to the elderly can see significant life improvements from a strength training program. Read on to learn about just a few of the many benefits of strength.

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