Become The Batman |Music OST| 17min ‘GYM MIX’ Motivational Workout Music

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Music titles used:
0:00 – Arkham Origins Main Theme
1:29 – The Fire Rises (TDKRises)
2:58 – Molossus (Batman Begins)
4:29 – Why Do We Fall (TDKRises)
5:23 – Gotham’s Reckoning (TDKRises)
7:27 – Antrozous (Batman Begins)
8:19 – Insurgency (Arkham Knight)
9:42 – A Dark Knight (The Dark Knight)
10:31 – Why So Serious (The Dark Knight)
11:25 – Aggressive Expansion (The Dark Knight)
11:51 – Like a Dog Chasing Cars (The Dark Knight)
13:55 – Imagine the Fire (TDKRises)
15:35 – The Dark Knight Triumphant (TDKReturns)

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The Health Benefits Of Establishing An Organic Fruit And Vegetable Garden And How To Start One

Most people think about going to the nearest grocery store for fruits and vegetables, unaware that many of these foods come from faraway places and have been grown with the use of potentially dangerous pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. If you have a little bit of land on your property, however, you can consider growing much healthier food without such chemicals that are used in growing commercial produce. Growing your own food supply also saves money and allows you to contribute to a more health earth for all living things.

The Nutritional Benefits Of Lima Beans And What You Need To Know To Grow Your Own

Lima beans are easy to grow in your own garden; they provide an excellent source of many different nutrients and can be used in a variety of recipes. They are a starchy vegetable that are sometimes known as butter beans because of their smooth, buttery texture. You can buy them dried or canned in the winter or use them when they ripen in your own garden in the late summer and autumn. Lima beans grow looking like a regular green bean, although the pods are flatter than regular beans. You need to shuck the beans out of the pods, with each pod yielding 2-4 fresh lima beans. Lima beans are usually green or cream- colored but there are other varieties of different colors, including red, purple, black, brown, and white.

Orthopedic Doctors Reveal the Most Common Exercise Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Getting into shape for the new year? Follow these tips from orthopedic doctors to avoid the most common injuries and meet your fitness goals for 2015.

The Health Benefits And Nutrition Of Onions And Growing Your Own

Onions are a perfect addition to so many dishes that you need to have them in your home at all times. They keep for several weeks before sprouting and are extremely healthy for you. The best part about onions is that they are easy to grow and you can grow a nice row of them in your garden, harvesting as they develop or all at once-depending on your needs. Onions are better stored in a cool, dry place where you can use them for a long period. Onions are related to scallions, chives, leeks, and garlic and are of the Allium family of vegetables. They have been grown in gardens for many centuries where they have been used both for medicinal properties and for cooking.

The Enormous Health Benefits Of Organic Sprouts And Growing Your Own

In the quest for a healthy lifestyle, improved health and longevity diet is key. Plants are the most important sources of vital nutrients for good health, and a diet that is primarily comprised of plant-based foods is highly recommended for long lasting health and vitality. Sprouts are some of the healthiest plant food sources. What Are Sprouts?

The Health Benefits And Nutrition Of Kohlrabi And Growing Your Own

Most people don’t recognize how healthful kohlrabi is and that they can grow them in their own gardens. While kohlrabi is native to Europe, it can grow well in any temperate climate throughout the world. It is rich in nutrition and very low in calories. What is Kohlrabi like? Kohlrabi is a tuberous vegetable related to kale, collard greens, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, all being members of the Brassica family of vegetables. The round stem or tuberous part of the vegetable is eaten along with the leaves, which taste a lot like turnip leaves, a perennial vegetable that comes up every year in the same spot. It comes in purple and white varieties.

Did You Know That Household Chores Can Burn Serious Calories?

It is common knowledge and scientific fact that in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight you must burn more calories than you consume. The amount of calories any one person requires really depends on their activity level, because the more active one is, the more calories they burn. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time to get a good workout. Why not get a great workout while staying at home and doing household chores? You get the best of both worlds. Jobs are done around the house and you burn extra calories in the process.

Following A Plant Based Diet Is Easy With Home Gardens

Many people today are turning to a plant-based diet as an alternative to diets too rich in saturated meat products, junk food, and highly processed foods. In some cases, it involves spending more time in the produce section of your local grocery store, looking for fruits and vegetables that are grown organically and spending extra money on them.

Health Reasons To Grow And Eat More Colored Vegetables

Eating a plant-based diet can enhance your health and there is every reason to believe that it can prolong your life. Many nutrition experts recommend a colorful plate as the more variety in colors of produce the more nutrients you get into your body. Many color vegetables and fruits can be grown in your garden and will provide fresh, pesticide free produce for you, and your family.

5 Health Promoting Herbs You Can Grow At Home

The fresher the food you eat, the better it is for your health. Food that comes in boxes or does not have an expiration date is typically processed and holds little value in terms of nutrients. Whole, fresh food is always best for your health, energy levels, weight management, and disease prevention, like heart disease and diabetes that effect millions of people and are major causes of premature preventable deaths in the United States. Plant foods are some of the best sources of vital nutrition, and herbs provide a plethora of health benefits and add low calorie flavor to a variety of dishes. Herbs can also be used medicinally as all natural and very cheap remedies to common minor injuries.

8 Ways to Be More Active This Spring

Winter has come to an end and perhaps you haven’t maintained the level of physical activity you had hoped for. As spring arrives motivation for physical activity often increases and at least where I live, in Minnesota, there are many new opportunities for getting out and moving again.

Exercises for Growing Teenagers

The body-specific workout routine for teenagers – Teenagers can benefit from the plethora of benefits offered by fitness exercises devised for specific body parts. Below, we will look at the well-sorted list of workout routines that can help your child become physically fit.

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