Beginner Kettlebell Foundational Flow

What’s up savages! In this video, I’m going to show you one of my favorite beginner kettlebell flows. Make no mistake though just because it’s beginner doesn’t mean it has to be easy!

If you really move with intent and own every movement and give your all-out effort then you’ll be sure to get worked with these foundational moves. Have fun and let’s get it in!

10 sets: rest 20 seconds in between sets

Single Kettlebell Deadlift to Row, Cheat Clean, Squat and Press x 40 seconds work

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Use a Monthly Calendar For Exercise Motivation

If you haven’t developed a weekly workout routine you adhere to consistently, one way to change that around is by using a monthly wall calendar. This has worked wonders for me and one of the reasons why I regularly repeat my workouts each and every week. When you have a visual stimulus directly in your line of sight on a daily basis, you get a subtle reminder to stick with your exercise commitment. This is especially helpful when you are first changing your habits to be more health conscious. Check out how an exercise calendar can help you stick with a consistent workout routine.

Family Fitness: A Recipe for Success

The majority of Americans, both adults and children, do not meet the minimum recommendations for physical activity. Physical inactivity increases the risk for many chronic diseases. Parents can improve their own and their children’s health and set positive examples for their children by making physical activity a family tradition.

Advantages of Using a Standing Desk at Work

It was during the mid 2000’s whenever most people began to pick up on some of the advantages of treadmill desks and the health benefits associated with them. Around the same time most manufacturers of these devices took notice of this and began to effectively market them to the public while at the same time showing that both standing and moving is more beneficial to a person’s health rather than sitting for long periods of time. The following discussions some useful suggestions on how to achieve the best results while using the standing desk at…

Exercises and Workouts – Three Ways to Enhance Your Focus During Workouts

As you gear up to get your workouts in, one thing you will want to be paying attention to is the level of mental focus and drive you sustain. Nothing is worse for your performance than being distracted as you perform your exercises… as not only does this reduce your total effort, but it’ll also mean you put yourself at risk for injury. If you find your focus is leaving much to be desired, it’s time for a focus-boost. Here’s how to regain focus and get through your workout with an optimal performance…

Hurry Up Golf

We have to learn to control the rhythms in our lives and determine our own tempos. If we don’t learn the skill of slowing down and savouring things in life, we won’t survive in today’s world.

Recommended Gym Equipment for Achieving Sculpted Thighs

Even though it is possible to achieve a more toned set of thighs without spending any money, there are times wherein investing on certain items or equipment can help you. This is usually a good idea if you need to achieve sculpted thighs for women if you are under time pressure or if you have been doing the same thigh exercises for a long time. By using this equipment, you can ensure that your legs still get the same amount of exercise that they need in order to become toned and svelte. Here are some of the equipment that you may need when doing exercise routines in order to achieve sculpted thighs for women.

Exercises and Workouts – Four Ways To Stay Committed To Your Early Morning Workout

If you have a busy schedule, you might be considering taking part in those early morning workout sessions that everyone seems to dread. Like it or not, those who exercise first thing in the morning do tend to stay more committed because of the fact they aren’t letting anything crowd it out of their day – apart from them hitting the snooze button of course. That said, getting out of your warm bed to do an early morning workout is much easier said than done. Let’s go over four ways you can stay committed to your early morning workout sessions so the process is a little less painful for yourself…

The Scientific HIIT Workouts to Get You In Shape

Throughout the years, and all over the world, people have been testing the effects of high intensity interval training versus regular steady state exercise. Here you will find 4 different HIIT workouts that you can try that are have been tested by science and proven to work.

Diet and Fitness Go Hand-In-Hand – The Chiropractic Perception

Looking for a way to achieve holistic health and fitness? The solution is hidden in harmonizing your diet plans with your exercise routines to achieve the optimal internal balance. One does not work without the other, so if you’re simply hoping to lose weight by controlling your diet or exercising relentlessly, rest assured this won’t work.

Tips to Help You Sit Down Less at Work

Most folks can remain sedentary throughout their workday and not get much exercise at all. Here are some helpful tips to get everyone active at the workplace and to reduce the amount of time spent sitting down.

Exercises and Workouts – Three Ways To Boost Your Ab Muscle Activation

If you are someone who is hoping to get firm flat abs, there’s no question you are devoting some time to your ab training at the gym. Getting your ab workouts into your training should be a priority but, in addition, make sure you don’t overlook the importance of a healthy eating plan. When it comes to seeing superior fat loss, a healthy diet is going to be key and fat loss is what you’re after for optimal muscle definition.

What Is Your Core?

It seems these days that everyone is interested in strengthening their “core”. The wonderful people of the popular media have ingrained in everyone that your core is your 6-pack ab muscle called your Rectus Abdominis. THIS IS NOT YOUR CORE! Your core involves all the muscles that attach to your spine or lumbo-pelvic complex that help keep you upright. These include your traditional abdominal and oblique muscles but also include many of the muscles in your back and legs, mostly your Gluteus Maximus (glutes). Many people that have lower back issues think they need to work their abdominals more to alleviate the pain, but often times they end up hurting their back more than helping it.

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