Bells & Bare Feet: The Why Behind Barefoot Kettlebell Training

Think Young, Be Young!

One of the most neglected exercises when looking to get fit is mental outlook. Many people think they are old way before their time. They have self defeating thoughts about themselves, particularly their bodies. Here is a list of negative thoughts we need to eradicate from our mental outlook.

Using Muscle Hypertrophy Science to Gain Size and Strength Faster

Muscle hypertrophy is a fancy sounding word for growth. The anabolic building of additional muscle mass is the goal of every beginner to weight lifting and experienced bodybuilder alike. By understanding the science behind muscle hypertrophy we can use it to maximize our gains in size and strength over time. Let’s start by defining the two different types of muscular hypertrophy.

Starting a Running Program That Will Keep You Running All Through The Year

Running is perhaps one of the finest aerobic exercises there is, and not to mention also being an excellent way to lose weight over the long term. However, when starting a running program, remember that it is also a repetitive exercise that can have a high impact on the joints of the body, so you need to make sure that you follow certain procedures when starting your running program.

Diet and Achieving “Washboard Abs”

One of the most craved physical features, yet one that is most difficult to obtain, are the much-coveted “washboard abs” or “six-pack” that appear on countless television ads and in the pages of many self-help books. Whether you are looking for a flat stomach or a rippling expanse of muscles below your diaphragm, the project is largely the same – you want to eliminate excess abdominal fat in order to feel more confident and attractive, and look more sleek and sexy. There are actually two stages to producing a set of washboard abs.

Best Exercises For The Obliques

When everyone talks about getting a six pack, they rarely speak of the other muscles in your core. The muscles that make your six pack ‘pop’ and look all the more dramatic. The muscles I am speaking of are the obliques.

Top 3 Upper Body Exercises

The upper body is the main point of focus for many fitness enthusiasts. It can be argued that the lower body (legs, glutes, calves) is just as important and worth an equal amount of focus, however, at the beach, everyone is checking out your upper body! So we will check out the top 3 upper body exercises. These are exercises that give you the most ‘bang for your buck’ and form a solid foundation that you can build upon with other supplementary isolation exercises.

No Energy To Exercise?

What to do when you just don’t have the energy to workout? We all know the facts. Working out is good for you. Besides the fact that you might actually like yourself, it lowers your risk for disease. It’s not that you don’t necessarily want to, you just don’t have the energy!

Stretching and Exercising At Work Guide

If you have spent much time around cats, you might already be well aware of the benefits that can come from frequent bouts of brief and gentle stretching. For instance, they sleep in one position for several hours, wake up and do a bit of yawning and stretching and then begin wandering about without seeming to encounter any difficulties in terms of easy and fluid movement. This is because they do this sort of stretching throughout each day and night, and when people must remain stationary for hours on end, it helps to emulate a cat. In other words, it is tremendously beneficial to get up and stretch out from time to time throughout the day.

Stretch to Improve Your Flexibility

Most people whom workout today don’t think about flexibility and range of motion when they exercise. Especially for men it’s more about strength, how much weight they can lift and how big their muscles are. For most women, it’s about burning calories through aerobics and cardio. Regardless of your gender you should always include stretching before and after your workout.

Tips for Properly Performing the Bench Press

The bench press is probably the most popular exercise among beginner weight lifters and bodybuilders. The lift seems fairly simple. I mean, you just bring the bar to your chest and push it back up, right? Actually, the bench press has several intricacies that can cause several problems if ignored…

Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells

You might be familiar with the muscle-building properties of using barbells and how great they are to build your strength. You might love the way it helps you get in a great workout and tones your body – but you can take working out with barbells to a whole new world when you get ones that are made just for working out while in the water.

Back Lever Progressions And Training

The Back Lever is an excellent beginner static exercise, and will give tremendous benefits in lower back and chest strength. This article will be about the six progressions to a full lever.

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