Best Alcohol To Drink For Weight Loss — With Thomas DeLauer

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Hey guys what;s up – Thomas here today to address which alcohol choices you should make if getting lean and maintaining low body fat while balancing your social life is your goal.

4:25 – Distilled vodka. The distillation process provides a much cleaner alcoholic drink that is less impactful on your liver.

4:49 – Gin and tonic. This is a distilled drink and with tonic water which also will prevent rapid dehydration that can occur from having a few too many drinks

5:04 – Now the last alcoholic beverage that I recommend is white wine. White wine does not contain histamines, which means it won’t give you an inflammatory reaction. Red wines on the other hand do contain inflammatory properties that can damage muscle gains and quickly result in a hang over.

5:38 – And before you go out and drink, you want to make sure you feed your body something that it can process quickly. Such a protein shake, or fish, or rice cakes.

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Thanks for tuning in this week guys – I’ve got a fantastic surprise for you guys that I will be giving you in just a couple weeks. I am going to be revealing some killer nutrition tips that will change the game on “dieting” forever. However along with this gift, you guys need to be sure you are following the most effective training guide so that you can maximize your weight loss results.

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