Broomstick Challenge Progression

Core Strength Conditioning

Strong functional strength for the core muscles is sought after by all athletes. All fitness enthusiasts need a strong core to maintain movement and stability, speed and agility, and movement control and coordination.

How To Grow Taller Naturally: Day 1

The very first step is sometimes the hardest step to take. That’s why I want to show you how to grow taller naturally through an example that could be your first day on this path.

Cardiovascular Fitness And Its Importance

If you live a sedentary life and consume high amounts of fast food, it is important to change your habits in order to avoid cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is currently the number one killer in the United States.

How To Get Into An Exercise Routine

If you think that getting into an exercise routine is difficult you may have been doing it all wrong. It can be easy if you have motivation, drive and the right attitude. It is not as difficult as some make it to be; it may be difficult sticking to it if you do not want to do the exercising in the first place.

The Psychological Approach to Fat Loss: Diet or Exercise?

If it is a diet or a fitness program with diet, your overall weight will depend on how you burn your fat. Let’s analyze what happens to your fat when you lose weight by exercising.

Starting a Fitness Program, You Need to Develop a Good Baseline

When you are starting out on a fitness program and you are being consistent with your training, this is the time when you will develop a good fitness base and positive habits. A lot of individual’s will begin their fitness routines as a novice and risk the chance of injuring themselves without giving their bodies time to develop proper lifting technique, breathing patterns and muscle mechanics.

Indoor Cycling Class 101 How to Shred Fat Without Pain

Sweeping the nation as the best way to systematically shred fat – Indoor Cycling. If done correctly indoor cycling is a safe, low-impact activity that any age and fitness level man or woman can do to keep their heart healthy and the tummy trimmed. Author has been an indoor Cycling Coach for over a decade and really enjoys sharing the fundamentals of his systematic fat shredding secrets. This article gives a blueprint of how to get a fat burning class done right without the pain!

How To Choose The Best Workout Plan

Choosing a good workout plan can be challenging. Before blindly joining the first workout plan you find, do your homework. Set your goals and know exactly what you want. Only when you know all the benefits and advantages, whether there are any risk involved or not, can you make informed decisions.

How To Improve Running Speed – Benefits of Sprint Training

Sprinting is one of the best cardiovascular and muscle building exercises, it is the basis of high intensity interval training and will help you develop lean and powerful muscles. Sprint training consumes a huge amount of energy and is critical to the development of a tight core. Those wishing to become faster more agile athletes typically integrate sprinting and other explosive interval training techniques into their regimen.

Does Cardiovascular Exercise Make It Harder To Build Muscle?

Does cardiovascular exercise make it more difficult to build muscle? Find out whether too much cardio can work against your efforts to build lean body mass and the best way to get a cardiovascular workout if you’re trying to build lean body mass.

Rev Up Your Fat Burning With 3 Powerful Methods

To start burning more fat today, one of the most effective things you can do is begin exercising! This article contains essential information on some of the best exercises you can do, whether you’re a beginner or pro when it comes to fitness.

Why I Choose Barefoot Running

I started my new year off like so many other people by vowing to become healthy and fit. I did a ten day juice fast, shed ten pounds and took up barefoot running. I have tried running before but it just hurt my lower back and I’m not a big fan of pain when I am trying to get healthy.

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