Buns n Guns Follow Along Pro Kettlebell Workout

Why The “Average Joe” Should Strength Train

Not an athlete? Doesn’t matter! YOU should be strength training!

Build Yourself a Bigger Booty

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to build a bigger butt. There are plenty of workouts that promise a bigger back side. I offer some insight and advice to help you achieve your desired results.

4 Body Shaping Exercises To Do At Home

Some people don’t like the idea of going to gym where lots of other people are training or simply don’t have the time to travel to and from the gym on a regular basis. Here are 4 home exercise workouts to get your body into shape.

Some Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

Becoming healthy and fit can be challenging. Regular exercise can greatly help.

Kettlebell Exercises for Women

Kettlebell workouts for women are not going to transform you into a mass of muscles. For example, Jennifer Aniston and Penelope Cruz both use kettlebells in their workout routines, and they are the epitome of svelte good health. If you want to strengthen your core and sculpt your body, kettlebells are the go-to tool of the trade.

Home Workout Plan – Chest

Part 3 of the home workout plan series covers the second most trained body part for men, the chest. Using body weight exercise to workout the chest really comes down to one basic move done in different ways – the push up. Changing your hand positions will work different regions of the chest muscles I will break this down into two separate articles, one with beginner exercises and one for more advanced users.

Exercises To Reduce Back Pain

Exercises to reduce back pain can help those athletes who are involved in heavy training or rigorous competition. Activities like cardio, football, hockey, rugby, running, swimming, soccer, and weight training can all take a toll on the lower back if proper technique and equipment use is not followed. Back problems are one of the most common injuries that cause down time for athletes.

Home Workout Plan – Abdominals

Developing a home workout plan can be a daunting task especially if you have limited equipment. I have done some tweaking to my own workout routine and have come up with an adaptable series of exercises you can use to get in better shape. If done consistently, you can get a great physique with no weights to buy. This is the first in a four part home workout plan series and I will start with the most sought after result – six pack abs. Your core muscles are fast twitch muscles so should be trained in the opposite way with slow, deliberate movements with higher reps. All of the following exercises in Part I are body weight movements so no equipment is needed.

Home Workout Plan – Abdominals Part 2

In part 2 of the home workout plan series, we take a look at abdominal exercises that involve a chinup bar. When working from a hanging position, you will activate far more muscles than when lying down. I find it a better workout for my entire core as well as my arms from “hanging” on. If you do not have access to a gym with a chinup bar, you can buy one that fits in your doorway – see the picture at the end of this article. Part 2 of six pack abs is much like part 1 – use deliberate, slow movements that concentrate on the contraction of the muscle using high reps. All of the exercises are done in a hanging position so if your grip cannot hold you long enough, there are aids that can be used like ab straps.

Get Comfortable While You Exercise, Sit On a Machine

There are a plethora of machines at the gym. That doesn’t mean you should be using them. Sitting on a machine renders a portion or your body obsolete. Build your body the right way with functional training that requires activation of more muscle groups. Find out why you should minimize your use of machines.

Why So Many People Like to Do Interval Sprinting

Workouts are the most effective treatment for shedding extra fat and getting healthy. One of the most effective kinds of workout is interval sprinting. Many people implement sprinting especially when they are out of shape and want to reduce the extra fat from their body.

5 Fitness Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Finding information on fitness can be quite the task because new information is coming out every single day. With all these new “facts” it can be hard to sort out what to believe and what to not believe. We help clarify five of the biggest fitness myths that could be harming your health.

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