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Boxing Training – 5 Simple Boxing Routines You Can Do at Home

Do you want to do boxing training but you don’t know where to start? You don’t want to join a boxing gym (too scary) and you don’t want to join a commercial health club (not scary enough). But you do want to learn to box the right way – and you want to do it at home. Here are 5 quick routines you can use – with or without a partner, with or without equipment – and you don’t need a gym!

Why You Need To Warm Up And Cool Down Before and After A Workout

If there’s one element of the workout program that so many athletes completely overlook it’s the warm-up and cool-down. As an athlete, you’re strictly focused on doing whatever it takes to improve your performance, thus you’re interested in activities that are going to push the barrier on your skill level.

Why A Heart Rate Monitor Will Make You A Better Athlete

One of the training tools that you should definitely be considering as you go about your workout program is a heart rate monitor. Many athletes overlook these thinking they know their body enough and how hard they’re working that they just don’t need one. Many think that they’re for beginner athletes or recreational exercisers. But, that simply is not the case. There are a number of reasons why a heart rate monitor can assist you with your progress.

What You Should Eat Before And After A Workout To Maximize Your Results

As you get busy with your workout programs, one thing that you must make sure you aren’t overlooking is what you’re eating before and after the training sessions you’re doing. Far too many people just ‘wing’ their nutrition and this is going to have a profound influence on the results that you see. The food you feed your body during these times are what will prepare it for the workout ahead and help to kick-star the recovery, so not something you should take lightly.

The Best Time Of The Day To Workout And Why

One question that some athletes find themselves asking as they go about their workout program is what the best time of the day to workout is. Is there a certain time when you will perform better than others? There are a few things that you do need to take into consideration when answering this question correctly, so let’s look at what these are so that you can get assured you’re working out properly.

The Secret Behind Getting Ripped Abs Like The Pros

Crave six pack abs? Have a strong desire for a flat midsection? Covet the image that you see professional athletes showing off as they go about their games and races? If you want six pack abs, having a good program plan in place is a must. Make no mistake about it, this is not a goal that you’re going to achieve by chance.

How To Really Get Rid of Soreness After a Workout

Ever have those days where you put in an incredibly hard workout and are feeling great, but the next morning you wake up and can hardly move? If so, you know all about post workout muscle soreness. Post workout muscle soreness is a tricky thing because you may not realize just how hard you’re pushing yourself during the workout, so the effects only hit you the next day – after it’s much too late to back off a bit.

How To Get Over A Fitness Training Plateau

The dreaded plateau. It’s something that will instantly cause your motivation to plummet and annoyance to set in but yet something that almost every athlete will deal with from time to time. Training and fitness plateaus are frustrating to say the least, but fortunately, if you have a good game plan in mind, you can quickly get past them and get back on to seeing the results that you’re after.

Aerobic Exercise Versus Weight Training: Which Should I Do First And Why?

The age old question: What comes first? Weight lifting or cardio training? Athletes have been asking this same question to themselves for years when trying to plan out a proper workout program. If you feel slightly confused about the order in which you should be performing the components of your workout program, it’s important that you keep a few key points in mind.

Age and Exercise Is Not Always a Good Fit

The years are not always kind to us and many are finding they need exercise but have no way of getting it. Many are using home based gym equipment but there comes a time when the mere thought of even looking at such things is nauseating. But there are solutions and some new technology is coming to their aid and solving major problems with health issues.

Improve Endurance Today With These 4 Simple Techniques

As an athlete, one thing that you might be thinking about is what you can do to help boost your endurance capacity. Depending on the sport that you’re performing, endurance can be a major element of success. If you’re required to perform for an extended period of time and often have to fight off fatigue as you go about the game or training session, having good endurance ability is definitely going to help you out.

Fitting Exercise In: Next Steps

Exercise is important. We have established that and we all know it. Fitting it in is the only way to get the benefits from it, so let’s talk about some good ways to do that.

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