Double Kettlebell Overhead Squat (full demo)

Now Is the Time to Train to Play Sports for All Female Athletes

Female athletes have not valued training to play sports and this is one of the reasons why they suffer non-contact ACL (knee) injuries at a much higher rate than males. Every female athlete needs to train smart and hard.

Balancing Out Your Workouts

When you are just starting out with fitness in your life you may think that any exercise is good exercise, and to a point that’s true. As you move forward however you want to continue to build upon your intensity and ensure that your workouts actually get you results. As you look at the course of a week you should see that you are balancing out your workouts and really focusing on great intensity.

How to Stay Fit While in the Office

If you spend most of your day at work, your heath concern is probably how to stay fit while in the office. Most health failure begin with the sedentary lifestyle in the office.

What Is Over Training Syndrome, And How Can You Heal From It?

Over training is the negative effects on the body that may result when you work out too often. If you’ve really been pushing yourself harder than usual lately and are close to over training, you may want to know how to heal from it. This article will give you easy-to-follow advice that can help you avoid the dangers of over training…

Weight Training Splits Are Great For Bodybuilders But Others Might Consider Full Body Routines

For just about as long as there have been people using weight training to better their bodies there has been this idea that training splits is the way to go. I respectfully disagree in almost all cases.

Weight Training Tips For Those Of Us With Short Attention Spans

The same old day in and day out routine can become extremely boring for anyone. Weight training is no different so why not keep it interesting?

2012 Fitness Trends – What’s HOT and What’s NOT!

HOT: Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) – Would you like to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? Metabolic Resistance Training is the answer. MRT uses functional exercises performed in a circuit like fashion. Varying modalities are used such as dumbbells, body weight and kettlebell exercises. Exercising this way keeps your heart rate elevated and you’ll burn more calories in less time. In fact, studies show that you’ll continue to burn calories for up to 38 hours after a single 30 minute MRT session – a phenomenon known as the “afterburn.”

Top Five Exercises to Lose Weight

Exercise is a very important part of any weight loss program. Exercise has been proven to be the healthiest and safest way of losing body fat. This method is recommended by almost all specialists because it helps the body metabolize the extra calories in the body more efficiently. No amount of tea, pills or even surgery can offer results of the same quality that you are likely to get from exercise. If you chose exercise as the way to go with regard to weight loss, the only decisions you will ever have to make is the kind of exercise you will be using.

Basic Strength Training Exercises for Beginners

Strength training is the use of free weights and or weight machines to target the major and minor muscle groups in the human body. Targeting these muscles will increase the strength and endurance of those muscles. A basic exercise routine for the beginner using free weights and or weight machines.

Best Exercise For Six Pack Abs

Having a six pack is important if you want to look good, that is why it is important to find the best exercise for six pack abs. However, to be totally honest with you there is no such thing as the “best” exercise because you need to hit your abs from every angle if you want to get the best results. This is not possible if you decide to just do one exercise. In this article we are going to be going over a few exercises that will really help you develop your ab muscles.

Exercise Rehydration: Water or Sports Drink?

If you’ve ever had a baby in the household, you probably know how important keeping everything about him safe and germ-free. Feeding babies are more complicated than you think they are. They can’t tell you if they think it tastes bad and when they feel something wrong with them, they just cry.

Setting Goals In A Fitness Program

Starting a fitness program doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you are armed with the proper tools to get things rolling. Once you’ve committed to getting in shape, there are several things you can do to ensure you’ll exceed your short and long term fitness goals.

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