Double Kettlebell Shoulder Press

I Don’t Have The Time For Six Pack Abs Training And Other Workouts!

Six pack training does not have to be a luxury you can’t afford! If you are short on time and really want to get your abs burning fat like an out of control fire, you need to read this. I mention a tool I use to “cheat” my way to solid, strong, and popping abs! You will also see a bit about HIIT and my thoughts on supplements.

The Downside to Your Backside

What is the best way to get that fabulous looking gluteal muscle? What makes it work, why is it so wide and how can we cheat genetics to get you that great looking butt? See how you can build an exercise program to improve you chances to a better, leaner looking butt.

How Running Is Stressful On The Body

When it comes to running, the advantages usually outweigh the disadvantages. However, running can cause a lot of issues when it comes to longer runs or consistent running over time.

Exercising Is The Pits

There are tons of reasons why we should hit the gym, even though we don’t always like to. Here are six tips that can help motivate you to get past the first couple of workouts and keep going.

An Introduction To One Rep Max As A Strength Training Test

One repetition Maximum, popularly known as 1-rep max is a measure of strength used in physical wellness programs and sports like weightlifting and power lifting. More accurately it is the heaviest weight you can lift at a go in an exercise. It is an essential component of many strength training programs used by sports men and women as well as others interested in maintaining a good and healthy body.

Gym Memberships

Finding a gym can be overwhelming, but only if you’re not prepared. Proper research and understanding of your weight loss goals can help narrow the search down for you.

How Exercise Regulates Blood Sugar Levels In The Body

Exercise can help regulate blood sugar levels. When you exercise, your blood sugar will be depleted since the cells of the body need it for energy.

Stay Motivated: Kick Your Excuses in the Rear

Do you struggle with motivation when it comes to your workouts? Discover how you can overcome your lack of motivation inside this article.

The Variables Within a Worthy Workout Program

Personal Trainers teach you exercises and correct form – hopefully – but what about the specific variables pertaining to your workout routines? Learning these variables, and the right way to exercise, year-in and year-out, is beneficial and a must for everyone in today’s world. In other words, everyone should exercise on a regular basis, and everyone should know and understand the variables within a proper fitness regimen.

Elliptical Vs Treadmill: The Better Workout?

A quick run through of which machine provides a better workout. The Elliptical trainer or the treadmill.

4 Solutions for Exercise Enthusiasts on the Go

A solid exercise routine is great for your health, but not-so-great on your social life. These 4 simple solutions to common exercise-caused hindrances will keep you at the top of your game.

Exercise As an Evening Out

Exercise as an evening out? Sure, why not? Hitting the park for an early evening stroll or an evening swim is a great date alternative that can help you keep fit too.

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