Double Offset Kettlebell Workout | 12 minutes

Top Tips to Maximize Training Effectiveness

Making the most out of your workouts need not involve spending long grueling hours working out all the time. Instead, focus on the essentials and practice healthy working out to maximize training effectiveness.

Reasons To Begin A Walking Program

Walking is a great way to exercise and a great way to get fit. Read on to find out the reasons why.

6 Great Routines to Get Some Exercise on a Busy Schedule

Having a tight schedule is one of the famous excuses people make as to why they don’t have time to exercise. But here’s the clincher, you can get some exercise even if you have a busy schedule. If you still are not convinced that you still can get a good amount of exercise while harboring a tight schedule, read on and learn.

Tips For Finding Time To Exercise For Busy People

Everyone knows that they need to exercise to stay fit and live a healthier and longer life. However, you hear so many times many of these same people saying that they just don’t have time for exercise. Here are some tips for finding time to fit in exercise into your daily schedule.

Boot Camp For Senior Citizens

When I think of boot camp, I think of soldiers doing 500 push ups and 700 sit ups in thirty minutes and then running 300 miles in the sweltering heat with 1,000 pounds of equipment strapped to their backs. Boot camp for seniors is more emotionally demanding than the physical boot camp for soldiers because they know they are facing their last days.

3 Gentle Post Pregnancy Exercises – Fitness After Birth

Post pregnancy fitness exercise should be performed gradually. But before you begin, you need to consult your doctor for an easy exercise that you can perform in the first few weeks after your labor. Doing Kegel exercises is a good way to start because your movements only involves little muscle contractions inside the wall of the vagina and this post pregnancy fitness exercise also promotes strong pelvic muscles.

Pregnancy Workout? – Top 10 Benefits From A Pregnancy Workout

There are a lot of physical and physiological changes that women experience during pregnancy. For this reason, there is a need for pregnant women to carefully plan a pregnancy workout to help them along the way. These temporary changes occur naturally and to manage these changes, it is best that you come up with a pregnancy workout. However, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor and a fitness specialist before trying out any exercise. This is to be sure that you know your physical limitations and avoid any health problems for you and your baby.

Ways To Find Time To Exercise For Busy Parents

Everyone knows that they need to find time to exercise so that they can get fit and stay healthy. But, many people say that they have trouble finding time to work out – especially those busy parents and even more so if you are working, also. Here are some ways that busy parents can find time to exercise.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong Help Fibromyalgia Patients Exercise

Exercising isn’t easy when you have chronic pain. Two gentle movement therapies can provide fibromyalgia patients with a pain-free way to exercise.

High Intensity Weight Training

Do you want to work out efficiently, effectively and how your body is designed to work out? With high intensity training you can get better results with much less time involved. High Intensity training is a kind of weight training done briefly, intensely and in a safe manner.

A Mud Run Saved Me

Tired, bored, and no longer enthused with traditional distance running, I found my fitness salvation with mud runs and obstacle course racing. If you think you may be in the same boat, I encourage you to check out these type of races.

Is Your Gym Making You Sick?

Skin infections should be a real concern for athletes and regular gym-goers. Generally speaking, experts recommend that you wash your hands before and after using exercise equipment; bring your own, clean mat for floor exercises, shower with antibacterial soap, and use only your own towels, soap, and water bottles. But even when you follow all these recommendations, you may still be at risk of contracting a skin infection.

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