Elbow to Foot Lunge – Universal Warm Up Exercises

6 Must-Have Items For Every Trip To The Gym

Getting ready to head out to the gym? Check your gym bag and make sure you’ve included all these items – they’ll help you maximize your workout while minimizing problems like injuries and dehydration…

How To Use Foam Rollers

A foam roller or a physio roller is a tool made from synthetic foam rubber used for Self-Myofascial release. Foam rollers offer the same service as a massage only that it is free. They stretch muscles and tendons while breaking down soft tissue adhesion. Other benefits of using a foam roller include breaking up trigger points, soothing tight fascia and increasing blood flow and circulation to the tissues.

Stay On Track – My ‘On The Road’ Rules

A while back I did a quick Q&A on social media asking you guys what YOU needed help and advice on. Kindly some of you got back to me. I do listen and it’s really important to me that I write on topics that help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Foam Rollers: The Secret To A Fast Recovery

When aches and pain strike, athletes usually turn to foam rollers for relief. These are simple cylindrical tools that help release tension when pressure is applied between them and the problem areas. They also increase blood circulation, reduce scar tissues and boost flexibility. Regular use hastens recovery and prevents injuries.

Does Drinking More Water Help Combat Fatigue?

Will drinking more water help combat fatigue? The answer could be “yes”, if the lack of energy is due to dehydration. The fluid content of the human body is somewhere between 45% and 60%. A loss of only 1-2% of one’s normal fluid volume leads to symptoms of mild dehydration.

Weight Loss Strategies

I frequently hear people talking about ways they have lost weight in an attempt to encourage others to try the same method. Some people swear by personal training and others by a diet plan. How do you know which to choose?

Plyometrics P90X Most Asked Questions

Turbo charging your fitness and sports performance with Plyometrics P90X. The answers to the most asked questions revealed.

Properly Designed Workout Programs Are Vital

You have to make sure before beginning a workout plan that it has been properly designed. Poorly designed programs can not only cause you to waste your time but could also be harmful.

Suunto T6d – Best Heart Rate Monitor

Suunto is a world renowned heart rate monitoring device and is owned by most top ranked players, all over the world. Be it triathlon competitors, marathon runners, bike riders or even cross-country Olympic skiers, Suunto T6d is claimed to be the best athletic measurement device till date.

Targeting Leg Muscles With An Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers are effective fitness machines that have grown in popularity in recent years. These elliptical machines can give you an all body workout without straining your joints, which broadens its appeal to those with knee problems. The largest muscle groups in your body are in your legs, and the elliptical trainer trains these muscles more than any other. You can adapt your elliptical workout to train specific leg muscles for targeted results.

How to Tone Your Thighs

One of the biggest problem areas for women has always been those pesky thighs. We all know how humiliating it can be, to put on that dress and then look in the mirror only to realize that, to your absolute horror, you will definitely NOT be able to wear that dress tonight! Let’s not even talk about trying on swimsuits for Summer time.

The Best Exercises to Firm Up Your Breasts

Are you dealing with issues of sagging breasts? Apparently, quite a lot of women deal with both small, less-than-desirable cup sizes and saggy breasts that need to be perked up. Aging, weight loss, and pregnancy are among the factors that take their toll on your lady blossoms, and their effects on your bosom have to be addressed right away.

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