Full Body Pro Kettlebell New Year’s Workout!

How Can London Residents Stay Fit?

The city of London offers many perks to its residents and if you live here you can consider yourself lucky from many points of view. However, London also happens to have a not so prestigious reputation: it has some of the highest obesity levels in the European Union and certain groups of the population are exposed to the risk of obesity and resulting illnesses. For example, children are the most vulnerable, as well as those living on the outskirts, in areas such as Cumbria, Barking and Dagenham. The “healthiest” people are in Kensington, where the obesity rate is “only” a little over 45%.

Is Walking or Running Better For Health?

This article compares walking to running to see which one is better for health. You may be very surprised (in a bad way) about some of the things that you learn about running.

Five Ways to Increase Motivation for Starting a Fitness Program

Want to get fit but feeling unmotivated? Want to get moving? Have a look at these tips to get up off the couch and step your way to fitness today.

Weight Lifting Gloves

There are many arguments for and against weight lifting gloves. The arguments usually revolve around: grip strength, lifting technique and callous formation. Grip strength Wearing gloves usually plays a huge role in improving the grip strength. When you wear the accessories you are able to easily grip the bar when your hands get sweaty and as a result you are able to continue training your muscles without worrying that your hands will slip.

Encouraging More Children to Cycle to School

Surveys have shown that around a third of children would like to cycle to school and around 90% of pupils have bikes, yet only a small percentage do. A child cycling to school improves their sense of independence and confidence also they become fitter, alert and have fun too.

A Simple Training Tweak To Supercharge Your Fat Burning Results

If you are looking to explode your fat burning results then this one change to how you exercise will make a massive difference. By performing your exercises in a circuit format you’ll burn fat and get fitter in a shorter period of time.

Bikini Booty Exercises for a Great Butt

Summertime is here and everyone is trying to look good. Try these great bikini booty exercises for a great butt.

Run Away Train – Never Going Back

I never thought I’d enjoy running as much as I do. On the 2nd of February I ran my first 5K. I don’t know what I was expecting but this race was certainly not like anything I could imagine.

3 Warmup Drills to Get You Ready for Tonight’s Big Game

Enhance you game time performance by warming up. The 3 dynamic stretching drills in this article will help get you ready for the big game.

3 Exercises to Help Improve Strength Training For Cyclists

These 3 exercise are designed to target muscles that are critical to cycling: the quads, hamstrings and core. Cyclists can improve their speed and endurance by combining their cycling training with strength training. In addition to improved performance, cyclists who strength train also decrease their risk of injury.

Sitting Is the New Smoking – Humans Are Meant to MOVE!

Modern technology has made us a nation of sedentary workers. Studies have suggested that sitting is the new smoking with many of the same health hazards. Get moving, even while in the office.

Choose Your Right Level of Exercise: If a Horse Hasn’t Run in 4 Years, It Can’t Win the Derby Today!

If you have been sitting on the couch due to injury or other circumstances (yes, laziness counts), then don’t expect to jump into a hard-core training program right away. This will guarantee injuries and/or burnout. Gradually add in more intensity and exercise time as your body adapts to your new activity level.

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