Full Body Single Kettlebell Strength & Tone Workout

Deload Workouts For Active Recovery

Strength Training is an amazing thing. It’s addicting to keep pushing things to the next level. Lifting heavier and heavier weights becomes exciting quickly, but there comes a time where you need to take a break.

5 Smart Tips For Building Endurance With Less Pain

Want to build your endurance without suffering as much? Try this sports performance expert’s tips for increasing your stamina the smart way.

6 MMA Drills For A Bikini Body

Female MMA fighters have amazing bodies. If only you could mimic their routine without having to get punched in the face! Well, fortunately you can! And you don’t even need to come up with an exercise plan on your own. I’ve taken the guesswork out and created a bikini body workout plan for you!

How to Find the Right Level Two Fitness Instructor Course

Re-training for a new job when you’ve already had a career can be really tricky, and will require some serious consideration. It might involve giving up your job, or at the very least going part time. If you’re a parent you might need to give serious consideration how you’re going to balance your existing responsibilities with your studying (which means it’s not usually advisable to take on a full-time course whilst nursing a six month year old!).

Problems the Body Can Have With Excessive Cardio

Many of the health issues that we see today are caused by lack of exercise. But recent testing is telling us that there is a flip side to not enough exercise, and that is doing cardio exercise for long periods of time. It has become almost common knowledge that if you are troubled with a heart condition traditional endurance exercise like long-distance running can overly tax the heart. But it also stands to reason that if it overly taxes a weak heart, will it not do the same to a heart that is still relatively healthy?

How to Warm-Up and Cool Down Before A Run

Although you may be mentally ready to go for your much anticipated run, whether it is to relax and unwind, or is part of your exercise routine, a proper warm-up and cool down before you begin your run is important. The warming-up and cooling down will allow your body to slowly adjust to the exercise and slowly return to a normal state of rest. It is also a great way to prevent injury and health effects.

How to Design an Exercise Program to Succeed at Wrestling

If you hope to excel at the sport of wrestling, following an intelligent workout routine is essential. By building both strength and endurance, one can dramatically increase their likelihood to succeed at the sport.

Developing Speed to Increase Overall Athletic Performance

When an athlete is working on becoming faster there is a simple checklist we can look at. This checklist will start with, what sport they play, what position do they play in their sport, what athletic movements are in a demand out of each athlete and last, strengths and weaknesses the athlete has.

TRX Exercises – Lose Weight, Build Lean Muscle, Feel Great

TRX uses a unique combination of body weight training and stability challenges to create a full body workout. This article will talk about the concepts behind TRX, why they work, and how you can benefit from them!

A Complete In Home Total Body Workout In 30 Minutes

By doing these in home total body workout routines, you don’t have to spend hours and hours of your precious time in the gym or on the track in order to get in shape, and stay in shape – or to lose a few extra pounds. I am not knocking gym workouts or working out for prolonged periods of time. If this is what you want to do, and you can put that much time into your fitness routines, good for you.

Micro Walk for Fat Loss Have the Results of a 90 Minute Jog in 2/12 Minutes!

New exercise strategy delivers the fat-melting perks of a 90 minute job in as little as 2 1/2 minutes. Blast fat, sleep better, feel less stressed and have few cravings with micro-bursts during your walks.

A Short History of Suspended Movement Training (TRX)

Physical training suspended from a rope or strapping has recently become very popular and is now an accepted part of fitness training. Often taking its generic name from a specific brand of equipment, the TRX, suspending yourself from an unstable rope or strap during training can exaggerate the effects of gravity, presenting a unique challenge to the muscles and joints. But what are the origins of suspended movement training?

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