Gina Schatz–Interview with KettleBell Concepts

Resistance Training Exercises For Better Health

The most common ways to get in shape are by participating in various physical activities or sports. Some of the most popular forms of exercise include yoga, pilates, jogging, aerobics, kickboxing, dancing, and walking. Another way to get fit is through resistance training; it’s simple, and involves inexpensive equipment.

P90X2 Exercises Should Be Part Of Your Fitness Regime

P90X2 exercises are a new generation of workout. You may have heard of the older P90X regime. Well this is the new and updated version. The great thing is that they are suitable for both sexes so you and your partner can work out together. The graded program ensures that whatever level you start at, it won’t be long before you notice improvements in your fitness levels.

The P90X Schedule Requires You to Make Room for It

Your body needs to be challenged for any type of changes to happen. For that reason, the P90X schedule is very demanding and requires high levels of consistency and resiliency in order to get the most out of it.

The 3 Best Abs Exercises For a Flatter Tummy

In this article I will share with you the 3 best abs exercises for flat abs. If you combine these 3 exercises with a regular diet you will lose your tummy flab and get more toned abs.

Health Habits: Fat Is Not Your Fate

I’m heading over to the gym in a few minutes, and I can’t say I’m super-excited about it. I’m a fairly well-disciplined, consistent exerciser, but I can’t say I enjoy “working out” as much as I enjoy “having worked out.” The energy boost I get all day after my morning fitness routine is awesome, and the fact that I can live a more active life than can some guys my age is cool, but I don’t see my minutes at the gym as “fun.” After all, if it’s effective, exercise is actually strenuous. You can’t “work out” without working – and who needs that…?

The Unlikely Runner – A Beginner’s Guide to Running

The girl who hated sports has well and truly caught the running bug. So how did I do it?

5 Muscle Building Foods

A person looking to get in top shape must understand that exercise and supplements are only part of the total package. You must also give your body the nutrients it needs in order to stimulate muscle building. So if you are trying to get in shape, then what muscle building foods should you be eating?

Common Workout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Sadly, a lot of people become frustrated and quit working out even before they see any good results. This is a very common scenario which is not really surprising given the common mistakes that many people make with their chosen training program. With this, let me share to you some of the common workout mistakes and how you can avoid them.

The Ideal Home Gym – The Total Gym XLS Trainer

The Total Gym XLS Trainer is a workout system, which can be used by anyone. It is basically a home gym and is very effective in burning off those excess calories and helps in developing strength. It is capable of giving a thorough workout to the major muscle groups in our body. The XLS, works on both the upper and lower muscles of the body. This Gym Trainer also provides cardiovascular benefits. The kit basically consists of a glide board, which can be inclined at different angles, to impart the required resistance while working out. All it takes is, 10 to 20 minutes a day to achieve ones fitness goals.

3 Techniques That You Must Use If You Want To Lose Weight By Exercising

Most people understand that to lose fat, they need to burn more calories than they consume, but some may not entirely understand which methods of exercise burn the most calories. This article answers those questions and gives you some tools that you can implement immediately in your workouts.

Move For Energy: The 5 Simple Secrets on How to Move for More Energy

All too often we can go through life stuck in a rut. Everyday ends up looking like the day before and we can barely muster the energy to get up off the couch let alone go out and exercise. But, and this is a big but, if you can shake up your day, if you can break the cycle you’re in, exercise can add that energy boost you’ve been looking for. Here’s how…

Interval Training – Athletes Have Adopted It, Now You Ought to As Well

A common complaint with people getting on cardio workouts is they begin with a great deal of enthusiasm and see some immediate weight loss. This motivates them to continue along the same workout course, but at some point they plateau. It doesn’t take long for the enthusiasm to wear off, and the workouts diminish and then end. So why does our bodies give us this little teaser, and then slam the door shut?

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