Heavy Single Kettlebell Workout!

Journaling For Success With Your Fitness Goals

Using a daily journal as another means of accountability during your fitness journey will help you to really see exactly what you are doing right. You can accomplish your goals and learn new habits.

Top Fitness Strategies: Workouts – It’s What You DON’T DO That Makes a Difference in Your Workouts

It’s what you DON’T do that makes the difference. In today’s message, I’m going to give you something to think about. It’s going to be one of those fitness things that on the surface doesn’t make sense, but when it sinks in, you’ll be saying “You know what Andrew, I do get it! Thanks!”

Top Fitness Strategies: Workout Pet Peeves – Things That Tick Me Off Working Out At A Gym!

Workout Programs can be uplifting. Gym workouts can be GREAT! People who workout at the gym can be annoying!

Exercises and Workouts – Three Shoulder Press Mistakes To Avoid

It’s never too late to begin a fitness program – even if you have never exercised before. The kinds of activities that reduce the Type 2 diabetes risk and improve your overall health do not require a high level of athletic skills. You just need to start and learn as you go. As you set up your workout program, one key exercise you will want to make sure you get into the mix is the shoulder press. This compound movement is great for working not only your shoulder muscles, hitting both the front and medial deltoid, but the triceps as well. And, if you choose to do it standing, you are also going to be working the core muscles as well as they will be contracting to keep you better balanced.

4 Benefits of Jumping Rope

The jump rope has evolved significantly from the playground days. It’s no longer just a kid’s toy, but a genuine piece of exercise equipment – and rightly so. The jump rope is the simplest way to bring some awesome benefits to your body.

Top Fitness Strategies: Mistakes the Fitness Over 40 Crowd Makes When Starting A Workout Program

Fitness Over 40 tends to see people trying to bring back yesteryear. Working out is great, but it can be confusing. Avoid these 3 simple mistakes and learn how to live that fit and healthy lifestyle for a better you.

3 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Most of us have a limited amount of time to work out, and want to see results. So, it makes sense to try to get the most out of your time at the gym. Today I am going to share three simple tools you can use to make the most out of your workout.

Fat Burning Exercises That Promote Weight Loss

Aside from diet, working out is another formula for losing weight. Doing regular work outs helps in targeting specific areas such as arms, things, belly, and hips, where fat deposits are usually found. In planning your daily work out, here are a few examples of fat burning exercises that you can do to help you lose those extra pounds:

Exercises and Workouts – The Three Crunch Workout For Firmer Abs

If your abs are your trouble zone, chances are you’re focusing on which abdominal exercises you can do during your workouts to help firm up and gain the definition you’re after. One thing to remember as you go about your program is that constant change is a necessity. Your abs are fast to adapt so if you keep doing the same type of abdominal exercise over and over again, it’s only going to be a matter of time until you hit a plateau. To liven up your workout, consider this three-crunch workout that will help you see maximum muscle definition in no time…

3 Benefits of the CrossFit Community

Global Relations: When you join the CrossFit community, you’re not only joining a workout program or a gym, you’re joining a community of people that have common goals. You can find people from countries like Germany, Australia, China, and South Africa, doing the same thing as you. The unique thing about CrossFit is that it is free.

Freezing Your Nuts Off: Marathon Training

Running in the cold sucks. Well – most of the time, anyway. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to conquer the troubles of winter marathon training, which is what this article discusses.

Marathon Budgeting: For the Poor and Frugal

Running isn’t cheap. Well… technically you can run for free, but to run properly – to run a marathon, and to buy the equipment is not. Which is why in this article, I have discussed several points as to how one can afford to pay for the expenses of being a marathoner, especially with little money to work with.

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