How to Kettlebell Deadlift: Kettlebell Basics with Hip Hinge

Tutorial for the Kettlebell Deadlift.

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This is a quick video on the hip hinge movement and basic instruction for the Kettlebell Deadlift. If you are new to kettlebells or unfamiliar with the hip hinge movement, then this will provide you with the tools to master both. After working through this video you will be prepared to learn the Kettlebell Swing, the foundation of Kettlebell training.


Hey, Owen Evans here with a quick how-to on the kettlebell deadlift and hip hinge move. Now if you’re new to kettlebells the hip hinge might be something different that you’ve never experienced before. It’s used in the deadlift, the swing, the snatch, the high pull. It’s the basic foundation for the RKC. So first let’s work on that hip hinge.

So what is a hip hinge? Exactly what it sounds, we’re hinging at our hips. Right here is our hip flexors, we’re gonna crease at our hip flexors, sit back in our hip as far as possible. Focus on keeping the shins vertical and the hips back as far as we can get them. And we’re gonna come back up at the top of our dead lift and hip hing. We wanna have short abs, really tight and braced, glutes squeezed, and quads tight. You wanna focus here, here, here, sit back, push through the heels, come up. Now, a great way to teach the hip hinge, I found, is with a dowel. You can use a broomstick, a mop, handle, doesn’t matter. What I want you to focus on is proper spine alignment. So we want our head touching, want the bar to touch in between our shoulder blades and our tailbone. So we’re gonna hold here push our hips back, then come up. So if you need to work through a few more of those, go ahead and do that. And if you feel pretty comfortable, let’s move right on to the deadlift.

Now with the deadlift we want our feet on either side of the kettlebell. We want to get that proper positioning, keep our abs braced, sit back in our hips. We’re gonna grab the kettelbell handle, push our shoulders down towards our hips and try to crush the kettlebell handle. Stand up through the heels and back down. Quick exhale at the top. Focus, pushing through the heels, abs are braced at the top, glutes are squeezed, and quads are tight. Back down.

And that’s your quick how-to on the kettlebell deadlift and hip hinge.

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