I.F.E.T: What Your Trainers Can Expect! (Level 1 of 3.)

You Have Got To Be Kidding!

I woke up early this morning to train a client at her house this morning at 5:30am. She is like most people, not extremely fired up at 5:30am to sweat and workout but she gets it done.

Why Jump Rope Workouts Rule

Our favorite form of cardio here at exercise equipment fanatic is jumping rope. Jumping rope burns more calories per minute than just about any other form of cardio exercise. If you’ve never tried it before you are really missing out.

Burn Fat And Build Muscle With Metabolic Resistance Training

Being in good physical shape is an important because living a sedentary lifestyle can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes, among other conditions. Doing exercises that increase your heart rate for a period of time is a highly effective way to keep your heart strong. Some of the most popular ones include cycling, walking, jogging, and aerobics. Strength training such as bodybuilding or weight lifting are quite popular as well to build muscle and shed fat.

Body Building – Tips To Help You Achieve That Perfect Body You Want

Body building is a serious hobby or sport that really needs to be taken with utmost attention and dedication. It is not enough that you get to do workouts once in a while. It is also not enough that you get to watch your diet once in a while.

Beginner Workout Routine – Tips To Help You Begin Working Out

A beginner workout routine is something that you need to begin constructing as soon as you decide to take working out as a hobby, a means of losing or gaining weight, or even a career venture. You will need to map out an effective routine that will help you achieve that body you wish to have. There are several tips that will guide you in order to find the appropriate routine applicable for you: First, you will need to find an appropriate FITNESS GYM that can provide you with the amenities for proper workout…

How To Build Muscle For Women

It is important to discuss how women are very different from men in terms of muscular build up. This is necessary especially for women who would like to build muscles too.

How Big Is Your WHY?

What makes some people get out and exercise on a consistent basis while others struggle and constantly get off track?? I have been on both sides of this.

SMART Goal Setting for Fitness

For many, getting back into the swing of our daily routines after a holiday can prove to be a task in itself. Taking the time to simply write out your fitness goals will help you organize your plan of action while keeping you focused on the desired outcome.

Nothing Will Happen to Me – I Don’t Need to Train to Play Sports

The one sport athlete from a young age dominates youth sports. The current too high injury rate for female athletes is due to year round play, not enough rest, and early sport specialization.

Elliptical Trainers and Getting Your Elliptical Workout With One of Them

Having a half an hour elliptical workout everyday could keep you fit and you never need any more exercises. The only piece of equipment you need to engage in this exercise is an elliptical trainer. It is a stationary training machine that allows you to get the same level of exercise as climbing steps or running.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Personal Instructors

The need for people to stay fit has prompted the emergence on numerous fitness instructors around the world. This, in a way, is beneficial to people who are looking for personal instructors since they can hire one without much hassle. But its flip side is that it makes it very hard for people to find the right trainers.

Weight Training For Beginners

Weight training for beginners is something that needs to be discussed for anyone who want to begin a weight training program. It is important to be able to determine what weight you would think is ideal for your body. In that respect, you will be able to map out a fitness routine that will help you achieve the ideal weight you want to have.

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