Interview with Yuri Petunovs-KBC Master Instructor and IUKL USA Representative

Why Resistance Training For Women Is Important

We see diet and exercise plans that are designed just for women, and there is a reason for this: the female body has special needs. For instance, women who conceive lose calcium from their bones; therefore, building up bone density should certainly be an emphasis. It’s no surprise then that women are much more susceptible to getting osteoporosis and suffering severe injuries.

Horizon EX-59 Elliptical Machine Review

If you are in the market for an elliptical trainer that won’t break your budget then you might want to consider the Horizon EX-59 elliptical machine. Horizon is well known among fitness enthusiasts for making great quality machines with high standards in design, craftsmanship, durability and construction. This elliptical comes with Horizon’s patented SixStar Certified technology.

The Best Cardio To Help You Lose Weight By Exercising

The ultimate combination for any successful weight loss program will include cardio, strength training and a healthy diet. Three excellent cardio exercises are discussed in this article. Incorporating them into your weight loss program will give you that necessary head start.

Discovering More About The Best Shin Splint Stretches

Making use of the best shin splint stretches can be an important way to prevent injury and maintain your physical condition when working out. Should you suffer from a running or jogging related strain or other injury there may be advantages to stretching as it can help speed your healing process and allow you to be more comfortable. Learning what you need to regarding this would be an important way to begin.

How Exercise Works to Increase Your Physical and Spiritual Energy

Exercise provides more than just a physical benefit. It lifts your spirits, too!

Cooling Down Workout Routines – Why They Will Be So Essential

Many years ago I remember a track coach I had who if, after a particularly strenuous run, a person stopped to rest he would literally be pushing them to continue moving. Since it seemed so much better just to flop down and recover in the prone position, I thought he was just being nasty. Well, he was a nasty guy but it turns out he knew what he was talking about.

Why Suspension Training Is Becoming Famous

Fitness is a very important part of our lives. Without it, our bodies are not likely to last as long as it should. As much as possible, every person is advised to spend at least two hours a week exercising.

Get Fit, Stay Green and Keep Your Car Clean!

Does a hosepipe ban mean your car has to be dirty? “Absolutely not!” is our answer, because the latest craze which is sweeping the nation is the car wash workout and it’s just in time for summer, so you can get your body into shape as you make your car all shiny and clean without using a hose.

Tips to Stay Away From Being Discouraged When Exercising

Exercises are excellent paymasters. However, you cannot grudge the fact that they are tough taskmasters as well. When you choose a regime such as boot camp which makes you huff and puff and sweat, you transcend into the healthy zone. The exercises are great for your heart, lungs, metabolism and overall health.

Breathing Tips for Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells are similar to dumbbells used in fitness centers and boot camps for physical strength endurance training and other incredible workouts. They use explosive movements that stimulate abdominal contractions. So, while you are building stamina, you are also working out your abs. The right type of breathing is very important for kettlebell workouts. There are two types of breathing done with kettlebell workouts, namely, hard breathing and soft breathing.

Workout Ideas for People Who Dislike Exercising

Staying fit is becoming more and more important to face the challenges of today’s world. Good eating habits along with regular physical activity not only keep you fresh but also keep you healthy and happy. A healthy body and mind help you to face the challenges of this world with optimism and confidence. If you do not like exercising, do not lose hope as there are lots of ways to keep fit.

Five Tips to Overcome Your Dread for Exercising

An active lifestyle is very important to keep one free from all types of diseases like diabetes and chronic heart diseases. Most people are aware of this but they dread the very thought of exercising.

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