Keto Diet Tip: 7 Ways to Eat More Fats- Thomas DeLauer

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Keto Diet Tip: 7 Ways to Eat More Fats- Thomas DeLauer… The Keto diet’s pretty straightforward. It’s not super, super complicated, but there are little things that make it a little bit confusing sometimes. People will tell you that you need to have a ton of fat in order to produce enough ketones to feel good in keto, and the reality is you do need a lot of fat, but you don’t need a ridiculous amount. Just by implementing a few simple tricks, you can get your daily fat intake up to where you need it to produce the right amount of ketone bodies. First off, before I break down the different ways that you can introduce extra fats in your diet, I’m going to have to give you a breakdown of how the body makes ketones really quick, but first, if you haven’t already, make sure you hit that subscribe button. You’re watching the internet’s leading performance and nutrition channel, with new videos every single Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 7:00 AM Pacific time, and a bunch of other videos peppered in throughout the week as well.

First off, when you’re following a ketogenic-style diet, you want to be eating the leaner meats, and adding the fats in through controlled sources. this is contrary to what a lot of keto advocates will say. A lot of keto advocates will tell you just to eat the ribs, and eat the greasy meats, and eat the thighs, and eat the drumsticks, and all that stuff, and that’s okay in moderation, but the reality is we can’t control the fats that are coming from those meats. You see, if we get lean meat, we can control the fats that we put on it.

This way I’m controlling the fat, and I’m still getting it from an animal source in this particular case, so that way at least I’m maintaining some congruency in terms of how the body’s processing it, but if you go with some ghee, or you go with a little bit of butter, or a little bit of coconut oil if you’re not wanting to add any animal fats in the mix, at least that way you can just simply add fats. Simply by adding a little packet of coconut oil, I’m adding 200 calories from fat right here. I’m adding like 15 grams of fat to my already lean protein. This way I can also keep track of my fats a lot easier. If I was just eating a juicy rib eye, I’d have to guess.

All right. The next thing that I would recommend. Also, when you’re using your lean meats, bread them in pork rinds. This is a very simple way. It doesn’t seem like it, because you look at these things, and they’re so light and so airy, but these are very calorically dense, and they’re pretty much pure fat, so if you crinkle those up, and you bread your meats in them and then cook your meats, well, just by adding a couple of pork rinds to one chicken breast, you’re adding a good 12 to 15 grams of fat. At least that way you can have some fun getting your fats, and by making it taste good, be a little bit more creative, and make it so you don’t have to just guzzle oil.

Okay. This next way to add fats to your diet is one that I didn’t discover it until not that long ago, and honestly, I wish I discovered it years ago because it would have made my keto lifestyle significantly easier. It’s tahini. See? Tahini is made from sesame seeds, and the cool thing about sesame seeds is they’re 80% oil by weight, so there’s not a whole lot of other stuff in them. They’re just flat out a polyunsaturated fat. The thing is, you have to be careful with some sesame, because some sesame can be very low quality and can end up being a phytoestrogen, so you don’t want to go totally overboard on it, but it’s a great thing to add to a salad. A great thing to add to your meats. A great thing to really just add to just about anything, if you’re just trying to get your fats up from a pretty good polyunsaturated source.

All right, now the next one. My friends over at Perfect Keto have finally come out with a keto bar. Now, the cool thing about this bar is it’s not angled around protein like a lot of bars are, because usually when you’re consuming any kind of protein bar, or keto bar, or any food bar, they’re always angled around protein, which means that you’re having a bunch of fillers and bunch of garbage in it. So, the cool thing is that Perfect Keto nailed this by literally just putting basic ingredients in it. How they were able to do it and make it so that doesn’t affect your blood sugar is beyond me. These guys have been working a long time on it. These have coconut oil, but they also have cocoa butter in it. The cool thing about cocoa butter is it actually stimulates what is called AMP kinase, AMPK. AMPK unlocks something known as uncoupling protein one.

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