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Following My Daughter’s Foot Steps

A short history of my daughter, a laid back mid-twenties graduate, taking up exercise including running that has shown weight loss, improved dietary intake and a resurgent life style. Health benefits such as weight loss and well being were quickly achieved.

5 Fitness Myths and Their Origin

In the fitness and health world, there are hundreds of misconceptions, wrongful facts and myths. In this article you will discover the truth about five fitness myths and their origin.

Boobs – They Can Really Get in the Way

Increased cup-size goes hand-in-hand with pregnancy. Trying to accommodate this body change whilst exercising can prove tricky at times!

Planning Fitness Milestones

I’ve always felt it important to set fitness goals no matter what stage you’re at with your training – whether starting out with exercise for the very first time, signing up for sessions at your local CrossFit box, aspiring to run a marathon or even just planning to run your first fun run. Fitness goals help us have something to aspire to in our training, something to work towards that keeps us focused and on track to achieving those goals. And nothing beats that sense of accomplishment when you do.

Pull-Ups Wearing A Weight Vest (in the Form of a Baby) Are Hard Work!

Pull-ups. It took me a long time to master them and now I’m nearly back at square one! You see the thing is this, early on in my pregnancy I watched a YouTube video of an incredibly fit pregnant woman performing unassisted pull-ups at 9 months of pregnancy.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Easily at Home

Wondering how to get rid of cellulite? There is only one way to get rid of cellulite and keep it gone forever! Do you know what it is?

How to Overcome Your Fear of Going to the Gym

Learn three simple and easily applicable steps that can help you overcome your fear of going to the gym. You will not have any more reasons to be afraid after reading this article.

The Full Body Waterfall: A Program For Building Strength

After several months of focusing on cardio, definition, and agility I decided it was time for a change. I was going through some of my old programs and came across one of my favorites.

How Can I Exercise At Home?

Many people want to experience the joys of living an active lifestyle. But for many, they have no clue where to begin. With all of the conflicting information available on the internet and late night T.V. knowing where to begin with exercise can be confusing. This article help remove some of that confusion.

How Exercise From A Fitness Trainer Can Add Years to Your Life

Myths regarding the fountain of youth go back some 3,000 years ago, a fountain believed to extend life. The truth is, the health benefits from regular exercise are yours for taking, and not just to look good in a bathing suit, but to add more years to your life.

Useful Fitness Tips For A Beginner

So you have finally decided to start exercising. Well congratulations! You will never regret such an idea because exercising regularly has a lot of benefits. However, it is better you get some fitness tips first so as to avoid any costly mistakes or injuries as a beginner.

Ten Tips for Getting Fit

Exercise is an important part of becoming fit. And while many of us want to be more fit, we are often inconsistent with our exercise or we give up too soon.

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