Kettlebell Clean & Press (technique)

Why Does the Body Prefer Carbohydrates When Exercises Increase?

During exercise, the body will typically use either carbohydrates or fat for energy. But as exercise increases to near maximal levels, the body shifts to using carbohydrates such as glucose and glycogen as the predominant source of energy. Understanding the underlying principles as to why the body prefers carbohydrates during high intensity training would be tremendously important for those interested in maximizing their performance, as this insight may lead to optimized energy levels throughout your entire workout, achieving greater gains in muscle and strength.

Diet To Get Six Pack Abs

If you are looking for a diet to get six pack abs then you are smarter than the majority of the people out there. The reason why I say this is because getting a six pack really comes down to how low your body fat percentage is, and if you do not have that great of a diet chances are good you are not going to have a low body fat percentage. Even if you exercise a lot, you can ruin all that exercise with just one meal. That is why we are dedicating this article to dieting for a six pack. Below are some of the best tips we can give when you are putting together a diet to get six pack abs.

Six Pack Fat Loss

When you are trying to get a six pack, fat loss is probably the most important thing you should be focused on. You hear a lot of people talking about the workouts you should be doing and the different types of cardio training you should be doing, but the truth is the diet is the most important thing right now. If you do not have a good diet then it doesn’t matter how much cardio and exercise you do, you will never get your abs to show.

3 Tips On How To Get Out Of A Running Rut

Even if you love the way running makes you feel, it can be hard to maintain a high level of enthusiasm all the time. It’s so easy to fall into a routine such as exercising at the same time, on the same day and following the same route every time. Do you want to rediscover the joy? If so, learn some tips on how you can add variety to your runs. It’s not always about how far or how fast.

7 Health Benefits Of Strength Training You Must Know

Many people are intimidated at first by the idea that they should be doing strength training, but understanding how significantly it can contribute to your health should encourage you to get over the fear of working with weights. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to get into resistance training, we hope these seven facts will convince you to try some weight lifting the next time you work out.

Outside Workout Routines

If you feel like you’re feeling very tired of being cooped up in the gym day after day after day, it might be time to consider taking your workouts outdoors. Outside workout routines can offer the same degree of benefits as a workout you’d do inside but give you the change of pace that you crave. Plus, since you’ll have far more room in the outdoor setting to exercise, your choices of activities is greater as well. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the top modes of exercise for you to consider adding to your outside workout routines.

Inversion Table Exercises and Their Benefits For Your Body

Inversion tables are mostly used to decompress the spine, which greatly helps treat the root cause of back pain. If you want an inversion table that gives you even more options, then take a look at an Ab-training inversion table. This article discusses the benefits inversion table exercises can offer you, and how to perform some of the main exercises.

How to Improve Your Body Image: Factors That You Should Consider

How to improve your body image: this is something that you should take a good look into if you want to stay feeling confident about yourself all the time. There are a number of things that can make one feel uncomfortable about his or her body. In a society where thin and skinny, masculine and brusque are being fashioned as the epitome of beauty and sexiness, it is possible for many men and women to lose self confidence and have a lower self esteem.

Gymnastics Builds Individuality As Well As Teamwork

One of the primary reasons a lot of parents and young athletes enjoy being able to take part in gymnastics is because it allows the athlete to stand out as an individual. They are going to be judged based upon what they can do as an individual, and not on what those around them are able to accomplish. The coach will take the time to go through and determine what the best course of action should be for each individual athlete.

Four Fun Ways to Keep Your Little One Interested in Kids Fitness

Children by nature would rather sit at home in front of the television and not have to worry about doing any physical activity. It is imperative that we get our children active and involved and not allow them to live a sedentary lifestyle. Their health is important and we need to do everything we can to promote being healthy and living the appropriate lifestyle for years to come. The more we can get them involved at a young age, the better it is going to be for them as they get older.

10 Tips for Exercising Regularly

What prevents us from Exercising regularly? We find all kinds of excuses to stay in bed, work late, or run around doing other things so we don’t have to hit the gym or go for a jog.

Treatment of Scoliosis Using Spinal Resistance Training

New development in the treatment of scoliosis, specifically in the area of spinal resistance training, has been able to tap into this complex antigravity system and alter the way the spine organizes itself in gravity. By using a scoliosis exercise cantilever (extended lever arm out from the body) we can challenge the spine in ways it has never been challenged before. The forces from the cantilever cause small stabilization reactions in the deeper spinal muscles which alter where the individual vertebrae are positioned while standing upright ultimately reducing and stabilizing scoliosis.

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