KettleBell Concepts: Curriculum Layout & Course Progression

Six Pack Abs Myths Targeting Seniors

Just because you are a grandmother or grandfather does not mean you can not work toward the best body of your life! Many say seniors can’t get six pack abs, read this as I dispel a few common myths normally mentioned by seniors.

5 Easy Ways To Screw Up Getting Six Pack Abs

I was at the gym recently and was bored waiting for a machine I hadn’t used in a while so I decided to walk around to kill time. I ended up on the treadmill which is where I brainstorm, and I reminisced about something from a few years ago. Here’s a little summary of what went through my mind.

5 Simple Switches For a Healthier You: Fitness

If you feel like you’re backsliding on your fitness goals, there are many small switches you can make to your life to increase your fitness potential. Get back on track with these five simple changes!

Learn To Jump Higher With An Intense Workout

We have talked about the improvement zone, we go over it in detail but I want to do a brief fly by over it right here. When you are training intensity, you are not training in endurance. So that means if you want to reach higher level of intensity you have to train at a level that tells your muscles to compensate for the type of pressure your putting on it, for the type of stress.

Feel The Gym In The Waters – Concept 2 Model D

In simple terms, these machines mimic boat rowing and they have been designed in a way that they will have an impact to every muscle. If you are quite observant, you are likely to realize that most fishermen who go for fishing in the deep seas have admirable well-built bodies. The secret behind this awesome physique is the impact that boat rowing has on one’s body.

Harbinger Durafoam Exercise Mat

Most people know how important an exercise mat is for each exercise routine or for yoga or meditation practices. An exercise mat wouldn’t be nearly as important if you knew that 100% of the time you were going to stay in exactly the same place every single day and never venture outside of your exercise space.

Faith and Health

Faith and health don’t often come up in the same conversations, but you need one to have the other. If you don’t have faith in yourself or believe that you can do something, you won’t do it. Therefore, if you don’t think you can live healthy, you can’t.

Battle Spring Fever With These Outdoor Exercises

  During the winter we spend all our time inside where it is warm. We can’t wait to go outside when springtime arrives. We want to get up and get moving and go outside to battle spring fever.

6 Tips for an Exercise Plan You’ll Stick To

You and I both know that the best way to live healthy and lose weight is to eat the right foods and exercise regularly. Below are 6 Tips for you to set up a plan that you can exercise and stick with it easily.

Adding Exercise to Your Arthritis Treatment

Do you have arthritis pain? Would you like to lessen it?

Do You Want to Get Really Fit In A Fun Way?

Did you like to ride your bike when you were young? Bike riding is really good for you as an adult as well as when we were kids. Why not buy a bike and enjoy those kid moments again?

Cycling Vs Jogging: Which Is Best?

Which is best for you, cycling or jogging? There are arguments for both but here I wish to put forward the reasons that, in my opinion, cycling is far and away the best for getting exercise and causing minimal damage to our precious bodies.

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