Kettlebell Concepts Level 1 Preview

Choosing The Best Fitness Program For Your Needs Is Easy

With obesity rates rising in the US faster than ever before, many people are looking to reverse the trend by starting a exercise program. Finding the program that has a history of success will be key to your success.

Body Weight Exercises: For Fat Loss

No exercise equipment, no problem. You do not need expensive gym equipment to get in a great workout to help you lose weight. As a matter of fact all you need is your body.

A Beginner’s Guide to Resistance Training

Have you considered some weight or resistance training, but unsure where to start? Are you about to join your local gym but unsure what to expect? A Beginner’s Guide to Resistance Training will assist you with the basic understanding of what resistance training is all about!

3 Things To Understand Muscle Building Science

There is a reason why some people get better results than others when building muscles; they understand the muscle building science better. The regiment that will get you the best result is a combination of weight training, the right diet, and muscle building supplements. People who do not do all of those things will have a lot more trouble than others getting the wanted results.

Why All the Fuss About Zumba Toning Sticks – Why Use Them?

One part of Zumba Fitness that has become popular in helping participants reach the next level of fitness includes what are called Zumba Toning Sticks. These are dumbbell-like weights that are filled with a sand-like substance to provide resistance during workouts.

Getting a Six Pack: Situp and Crunches Aren’t Enough

Realizing that abs exercises won’t help you get abs is pretty much like discovering that santa isn’t real. You’ll first resist the idea, but later on you’ll come to sanity and just accept it because it makes perfect sense.

Mistakes to Avoid

Not Taking Care of Injuries gets over looked quite often. Maybe it’s a bit of ego. Maybe some people think it’s a badge of honor to work through the pain. But I’m telling you now: If you get injured, stop lifting that particular body part until you’ve completely recovered. Continuing to lift when you’re injured just exacerbates the problem – and it can lead to a greater injury (perhaps one that requires surgery).

Diet and Exercise Tips for the Extremely Busy Person

I used to preach to people about no matter how busy you are, there is always time for exercise. While many people may still agree with that statement, I have to somewhat disagree. It was easy for me to say “no excuses” when it came to fitness – that is until I ended up working two jobs (one full-time, one part-time) as well as freelance work.

Exercise and Fluids – The Right Balance

Many people who do regular exercise have worked out for themselves the best times to eat, what to eat and how much to eat to work in with their workout schedule. However, the intake of fluids is sometimes overlooked and many of us rely on our thirst mechanism to tell us when and how much to drink.

Three Effective And Fun Ways To Lose Weight Exercising

Three effective ways to get into shape and lose weight are presented. The key to success is having an effective program that is fun to do. These 3 exercises do just that!

Love Handle Workouts – Get Rid of Unsightly Fat

If you are one of the millions of people who have to contend with excess fat around your midsection, there are love handle workouts that you can do on a regular basis to get healthy and fit. You need to address the excess fat with cardiovascular exercises. And then tone the area with abdominal and back exercises.

Using High Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss

While cardiovascular exercises do have certain benefits in assisting people lose weight, the use of high intensity interval training has however been proven to have far greater weight loss benefits. What are some of these benefits?

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