Kettlebell Dead Clean & Press + Common Mistakes

Fat Loss 101 – ‘Commit to Making Better Choices’

In today’s world it seems like everyone wants to lose weight when the goal should be fat loss. Losing fat isn’t complicated it takes only a few things: a commitment to make better choices, a technology that works and a belief you can do it. I will tackle each topic separately. First topic: A commitment to making better choices.

Les Mills Combat Vs. TurboFire

I’m comparing Les Mills Combat vs. TurboFire because recently I saw a comment made on Facebook post about TurboFire being MORE intense than Les Mill Combat. My first thought was REALLY!!! You’ve got to be kidding me! But then my second thought was that, like all workouts, you get out of your workout what you put into your workout. Oh and that we are all different.

Healthy Lifestyle: Activities and Benefits

Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming physically fit and observing proper diet. We cannot possibly become healthy just by eating healthy food alone. On the other hand, one cannot also claim living a healthy lifestyle if little or almost no time at all is spent on some physical activities. A healthy lifestyle, therefore, is a good balance of both.

Fun Ways to Keep Fit in the New Year

Gained some extra weight over the festive period? Consider these ideas for fun ways to keep fit in the new year.

Body Weight Exercises for Men

For me body weight exercises combined with resistance bands are the way to go. Even at my advanced age of sixty-six I have seen an increase in muscle mass, stamina, flexibility, posture and an overall feeling of strength and well being. So mix some body weight exercises into your normal workout routine. If you are looking to begin an exercise program give these exercises a try.

5 Simple Home Exercises After Knee Surgery

Once you return home after knee surgery, it is when your recovery officially starts. You need to start performing muscle strengthening exercises to build up strength that was lost due to injury. Not only that, you will also need to regain your full range of motion in the shortest possible time to eliminate any possible complications.

Living a Physical Labor Lifestyle

I grew up in a family where my mom and dad earned a living as physical labors. My dad a truck driver furniture mover my mom a packer for the moving company. Everything I grew up around was around being physical.

Barriers to Taking Action

There are little things about my house I would like to change. The walls could use a fresh coat of paint, the carpet downstairs could be replaced, and the bathrooms could use a facelift. I could go on.

Take A Look At Fitbit One Wireless Activity

Being fit means that you should be active, get plenty of rest and eating a healthy diet and the Fitbit One Wireless Activity can help you do all of this. When you are awake the Fitbit will track your distances,stairs climbed,calories burned and your steps.

A Varied Cross-Training Workout

Injured or bored athletes should consider mixing up their workouts through cross-training. Running, swimming, strength training and yoga can work together to produce a fit and motivated athlete.

Strength or Endurance: Building a Resistance Training Program

Do you need to get stronger? Maybe you need increased muscular endurance. Whichever component of muscular fitness, there are “tried and true” methods to achieve either strength or endurance.

Exercising To Lose Weight Just By Hanging Around

Two simple yet oh so powerful exercises are explained that will singlehandedly take your abs from flabby to fit. Don’t confuse simple for easy though because you will be working on these ones. Get efficient and get results; get the best of both worlds.

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