Kettlebell Goblet Squat (demo)

Walking With a Twist to Train Your Abs

Walking with a twist is one way to combat weak abs. In addition it can help you walk with confidence. It can help you become fully present in your body while walking (because you are focusing on the act of walking) and it’ll help your heart pump blood. It will also massage your organs at the same time. It can also be used to strengthen your legs and give your walk more power. It may also help you deal with low back pain, the type that feels like your lower back is being pulled forwards from inside of your body and makes your lower back feel like it is being compressed.

How to Turn Your Bicycle Into an Indoor Exercise Bike

There are many advantages to having indoor exercise equipment. You can work out when it’s convenient for you. The weather is never a problem. And you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. One of the best and most useful indoor home gym pieces is the exercise bike. Now, many people just don’t have the budget to purchase home gym equipment. If you own a bicycle, you can turn it into an indoor exercise bike.

Are You Getting The Recommended Amount Of Exercise?

No one argues that regular exercise not only improves overall health and fitness levels, it also cuts the risk for many life altering, chronic diseases. Now it seems a new study has found that American women aren’t as likely as their male counterparts to be getting the 30 minutes recommended amount of exercise daily.

3 Reasons You Should Start Running

When deciding if you should start running, it can be hard to find motivation. Here are just a few big reasons that you should consider taking up running as a hobby.

Max Interval Training Provides Maximum Results In Minimal Time

Max Interval training has been shown to increase endurance and boost metabolism causing increased fat loss for elite athletes and beginners alike. New studies show this method of training to be even more beneficial that previously thought which makes this one the best training techniques available.

Minimize Your Workout For Maximum Effect

Why you don’t need to spend 45 minutes a day working out. How you can spend minutes throughout the day to build muscle and strength.

Ways To Grow Tall By Natural Means

It is true that a majority of the present population seem to be unhappy regarding their height. The fact is that lots of people are becoming scared because they’re not growing as tall as they are wanting to be and due to this they might not get proper success in their full life span. As a result most individuals are really wanting to find out how to grow taller by natural means. Workouts not only enable you to achieve your optimum height but it is also ideal for your good health.

Are You Doing Isolation Exercises? Then Stop!

If you want to develop a good looking, strong, and coherent body then do less isolation exercises. You actually get the minimum of your workout by doing isolation exercises, so stop focusing on them. This article will show you why they aren’t effective, and what you should do instead!

6 Ways to Prevent Workout Injuries

Working out is surely one of the most effective ways to become healthy. It’s not easy but the rewards are great. You know what they say, “No pain, no gain,” right? But sometimes we get so immersed with working out that we tend to neglect our safety that we end up with an injury instead of a healthy body. So to increase the gain and lessen the pain, here are 6 ways on how you can prevent workout injuries.

What Counts As A Cardio Workout?

You’ve probably heard it everywhere: you have to get some cardio into your daily routine in order to burn fat and stay healthy. But what exactly counts as a cardio workout?

How To Start Exercising If You’re Obese

Have you come to the realization that you’ve put on weight and it’s time to start exercising again? That’s a hard realization, but you can help yourself get out of your situation. Losing weight certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it can be done.

4 Great Ways To See Muscle Gain

If you have been trying to build mass but are not seeing good results, then perhaps you have thought of giving up. You should stop right there! Muscle gain is not something that can happen overnight, and much less if you are not doing it properly.

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