Kettlebell Instructor Training: WSSC Miami Testimonials 2013 (Level 1)

HIIT To Stay Fit

For those of you with any kind of history of serious fitness training behind you, a dramatic shift has occurred in the world of fitness with the almost stratospheric rise in “cross-fit” type workouts, likely because of the combination in time savings and the enormous gain in benefits from daily exercise, both of which occur with these new style workouts…

Five Reasons You Should Use Hiking Poles

I am sharing five reasons you should use hiking poles, although there are many more. They were introduced originally to give skiers a tool to practice in warm weather when snow was not available.

Tips to Tone Your Back

Exercise keeps you away from all kinds of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart related problems. Most people join gyms or boot camps with the sole purpose of losing weight and looking good.

What Cheap Fitness Equipment Do You Need For Workouts At Home?

Home strength training can be really inexpensive. In this article are some tips for cheap fitness equipment that can serve your requirements for years to come.

Are Sports Performance Drinks the Equal to Water While Working Out?

Considering the fact that our body is made up of over 75% water, and as long as we are alive we keep losing it, it is imperative that we keep constantly replenishing our bodies with liquid. Research has told us that almost 70% of adults don’t get the necessary amount of water on a daily basis, and that of course includes many who never exercise. Throw workouts into the equation and the need for liquids goes way up.

The 5 Principles Of Scott Pilates!

Moira Scott Merrithew was in fact the founder of scott pilates. Following badly injuring her neck, Merrithew set up a Pilates styled approach identifying it scott pilates.

Fitness Motivation Tips – 5 Clever Ways To Trick Yourself Into Exercising When You Don’t Want To!

Tired? No motivation? Don’t feel like exercising right now? BUT… you keep looking in the mirror and don’t like what you are seeing? Well, if you are looking for fitness motivation tips to get you up off your butt and start sweating, then this article is for you! However, I’m now going to yell, cuss, and fuss to get you pumped up. I’m going to share with you 5 pretty clever (and simple) ways you can actually “trick” yourself into exercising… even when you don’t feel like doing something as simple as walking to your kitchen (lol)!

Taking the First Step in Exercising

So you have made a commitment towards a healthier lifestyle, and you are determined and motivated. How and where do you begin your new goal? It’s not going to happen overnight because you are literally turning your lifestyle around! You must be physically and mentally prepared, setting a specific goal with a reasonable amount of time to achieve that goal.

A Lesson On The Components of Health Related Fitness

If you want to keep your body in shape and gain a better overall understanding of physical health and wellness, there are five different components of health related fitness that you should be aware of. We provide an overview of these along with a brief definition, and then highlight some actions you can take to better yourself in each of these different areas. Reading articles about health and fitness information is a key ingredient to a productive, fit, and healthy lifestyle.

The Best Way To Warm Up For Exercise

Learn how to warm up properly and reduce the risk of injuries with this warm up advice. This article will explain the benefits of Dynamic Stretching and the components of a warm up.

Burpee Workouts: The Burpee Is the Ultimate Total Body Conditioning Exercise (Part 2)

In part 1 you read of the burpee exercise being the ultimate conditioning exercise, and that if you had to choose only one exercise for the rest of your days, the burpee should be it. In part 2, I’m going to give you a few more variations of the burpee which are even more challenging, as well as provide additional burpee workout ideas and how you can incorporate the burpee into your workouts.

Do I Need to Go to the Gym to Get a Good Workout?

If you believe that you need to join a gym or health club to get fit or lose weight – you’re wrong. A good workout can be done at home on a regular basis, but does require consistency on your part.

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