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Interval Training – How It Works

I actually discovered the benefits of interval training by accident. While riding my stationary bike at 12 mph one morning, I became bored after about 1 hour into my workout. So I decided to vary the speed and intensity. I would pedal as hard as I could for 30 seconds, and then pedal at about 12 mph for 1 minute. I kept doing this for 30 more minutes. After the workout, I was astounded that I had burned a lot more calories than had been burned in previous workouts.

Deciding On Weight Loss Exercises For Yourself

Millions of people from all around the world are asking themselves the same question – why is it so hard to lose weight when there are so many ways to do it? The answers to this popular question vary from person to person. Some would say that the key is to eat healthy, whilst others are more for the option of weight loss exercises.

8 Principles of Training

Understanding the basic principles of training will help you to get the most out of your workouts. Using these, you can make informed decisions about your training program.

Requirements for a Complete Home Fitness

Do you want to have a full body workout within the comfort of your home? You can forget about the expensive athletic club fees and make a complete exercise program with these essential items. Your complete home workout must consist of 3 parts: a cardio exercise section to increase your pulse rate and improve your heart and lungs; a weight-training section to lose fat and increase tone of muscle; and also a stretching section to improve overall flexibility and make your body supple and limber. If you are pressed for time, you can do the cardio and weight training on alternate days.

Understanding and Preventing Weight Loss and Fitness Plateaus

Almost everyone reaches a weight loss or fitness plateau in their life. The reason is that the human body works hard to keep intake and output in balance.

Does Running Improve Workplace Performance?

By now, you have most likely seen the studies proclaiming the popularity of running among executives at companies of all sizes. However, is the relationship between running merely a correlation or causation? Are successful individuals in the workplace more inclined to seek high personal fitness levels or is there really something to running that helps people excel in the workplace? The evidence points to the latter and that running might actually improve brain function and help develop crucial skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Fitness Classes

A good friend of mine always says February is the time of year when amnesia runs rampant. She “forgets” that she isn’t supposed to have that extra piece of cake. And the concept of working out on a daily basis has completely slipped her mind.

Melt Away Fat With Treadmill Sprints

Today I am going to show you how to melt away fat with treadmill sprints. Sprinting is a great for fat burning and toning up the lower body. If you look at the Olympic sprinters on TV you will see how lean they are and they never do much long distance running or aerobics.

Treadmills Or Jogging

If you are like most people, a formal exercise program is not at the top of your to-do list. Everyone understands the need to get in shape, lose weight or increase cardiovascular health, but many of us do not really enjoy the actual exercise. Walking or jogging are often mentioned in fitness magazines as some of the best cardiovascular exercises available today.

Flexbelt – The Workout Alternative for Six Pack Abs

A new breed of product is on the market to help people get the extra edge when trying to develop muscular abs that were typically the mainstay of bodybuilders and professional actors. How do these products work and do they actually produce results? Read on to learn about how safe electrical stimulation from toning belts such as the Flexbelt can strengthen muscles, and the surprising findings of studies done confirming results.

P90X Equipment Needed – 7 Equipment Types to Maximize Your Results

I’ve completed the P90X program and lost close to 30 pounds as a results. In this article, I share with you the type of P90X equipment needed to get the best results based on my own experience.

Have Fun While Getting Into Shape With Zumba Exhilarate

It is important to exercise. This can feel like a chore sometimes, but it doesn’t have to. There are various tools and programs to select from. Zumba, however, is known to be a more enjoyable one. And it really works to help you get fit.

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