Kettlebell Prying Squat – Instructions

How to Stay Fit in Cold Weather Months

Set a goal to keep motivated. It’s hard to be motivated when staying under the blanket is more appealing than getting dressed for training. To keep you in top shape set a goal and remind yourself about this objective when you’re feeling lethargic. This goal can be anything from losing 4 lbs, to building a 6 pack, to having a toned physique. Have you tried stretching in bed? It’s a good way to get your blood circulating on a chilly day. When the alarm clock goes off, don’t get up. Instead start your stretching exercises – in bed. Raise your hands over your head and slowly reach for your toes, feel the stretch. Hold for 10 seconds. Next lie on your right side, swing your left leg over the right and bring your left knee towards your chin then lay it down the bed. Stretch your neck by bending your head towards the left leg. Repeat on the other side. Next give your spine a good stretch. Lie on your back and tuck your knees under your arms. Bend your head down so your chin touches your chest and start rocking.

Getting Fit After Fifty Is Not That Hard If You Follow These 4 Simple Rules

The keys to getting fit after fifty may not be intuitive to all who try. No fitness program will succeed without a dedicated effort and consistent training. The keys to success, however, are less obvious.

Improve Your Health With These 5 Benefits of Martial Arts

Is your current exercise routine boring you to death? Do you want to shake things up a bit. Discover the 5 benefits of martial arts in this article.

Seniors: Why Improve Your Balance?

Stable body balance can help you prevent falls and injuries as you grow older. The balance exercises improve your balance and strengthen your legs. They are not cardiovascular so they will not tire you. They take only minutes a day. Videos and pictures are available to show you how to do the exercises correctly. Greater freedom, more ease of movement, safe walking and ease in climbing stairs are your benefits.

Home Workout Routines – Your Key to Health and Fitness

With the rising percentage of overweight Americans there is a need for good home workout routines. The consistency of a good fitness program and proper nutrition is key to battle the trend of obesity we find ourselves in. Home workout routines are simple, economical and above all effective.

Top 7 Fitness Tips For Starting Out

Eating and working out properly is the key to becoming healthy. Starting out is probably the toughest part but I guarantee you will succeed and overcome these barriers if taught the right way. I have provided the top 7 tips that will help you get one step closer to achieving your goal.

5 Habits That Are Draining Your Battery

For most of us, going full speed ahead at work and home, Monday through Friday and then crashing on the weekends is the normal routine. We wake up to alarm clocks, thrive on caffeine, forget meals and rarely make it to the gym. Yet, wanting more energy is a constant goal. Eliminating the five habits below may help you attain your energy goals.

How Your Body Weight Can Work For You

Everywhere you look there are people out of shape. You should never feel down on yourself for being so. As long as you are willing to work hard to overcome it, you have many options that can get you to a healthy body weight that you are proud of. Exercising using only your body weight is one of these options.

How Exercise Benefits Your Life – Why Exercise

We all know exercise is important but do we really know how important. Read this article to find out exactly how exercise benefits our lives.

Interval Resistance Training – How To Get Maximum Results In Minimum Time

As a Fitness professional I have heard every excuse, reason or obstacle that holds people back from getting in great shape. Often one of the biggest obstacles for many of my clients is a lack of time, and I’m sure it’s the same with you. It has never been a lack of desire.

How to Get Great Abs After Fifty Years Old

Getting great abs after fifty years old is a daunting task for many but certainly achievable. Focus on proper nutrition first and efficient exercise second. Stick with your program. This is not a get fit quick scheme.

Buying Exercise Equipment

Buying exercise equipment doesn’t have to be difficult. If you determine your goals, budget and space ahead of time, you can find the perfect piece of fitness equipment to meet your weight loss goal.

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