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Burst Training and Your Fitness Program

The two most common reasons why personal fitness programs fail are (1) a lack of time and (2) a lack of energy, both of which can be solved with your implementation of Burst Training workouts into your overall fitness program. These are 15-20 minute intense exercise sessions that can be done with minimal equipment that will stimulate your metabolism, boost your energy and hone your mental sharpness. You will get into better shape, quicker than you can using conventional fitness methods. And when combined with the proper diet, the results are even greater. This is a new way of training that you really need to try because it works and it works fast!

Some Exercise Mistakes You Need to Avoid

To get the most out of your workouts, it’s important that you do exercise routines that suit your body type and the fitness goals you have in mind. Know about some exercise mistakes you need to avoid to help you maximize the benefits you get from your workouts.

Guys, Gals, Gyms and Radars

No one likes to go to a gym – well, nobody with any sense. But if you look closely, there is some humor to be found even there. Enjoy my observations on my first trip to this place of torture.

Improve Workouts by Changing Common Exercise Mistakes

Even with constant exercising and commitment to your fitness plan, it’s still possible that you don’t get the results you want because you’re doing something wrong. Make sure to change common exercise mistake to help you improve your workouts more effectively.

New Discoveries Show More Amazing Benefits of Exercise

There’s no doubt that exercise is the single best thing you can do to stay healthy. Its benefits are boundless, yet few people take advantage of it. Indeed, over the last few years several new benefits have been discovered. They are discussed in this article and suggestions are made on how to take advantage of them.

The New You

For the longest time the gym was thought to be the place to finally firm those lazy muscles, and tend to all that flab, chores that have been put off for so long. There are countless other reasons why we venture into the uncharted waters of physical exercise. Though in recent years, the local gym is a great place to get in shape, and find that special someone in the mean time.

How Sports Supplements Aid Performance

Sports supplements are a perfect source for all the micro and the macro nutrients that are required by the body in order to stay fit and healthy. They increase the performance and help an individual to acquire the desired goals like building muscle, increasing strength, stamina etc. with ease.

The Quitter and The Attacker – The Two Training Minds

The quitting mind is telling you your body is tired, stop you can’t go on, you might fall over and die. The attacking mind will stop at almost nothing to accomplish what is set in front of it. Pain won’t stop it! But the quitter mind is the mind most people tend to let control them. The quitting mind tells them they are tired they believe it and quit.

Workout Tips and Tricks to Stay on Your Exercise Routine

Thousands of people start an exercise routine every year and stop before they even reach their fitness or weight loss goals. Why do they quit before reaching their potential? Some think its too hard, they don’t see the results they want and get discouraged, while others have unrealistic expectations. If you are starting a new workout routine or you have reached a plateau in your current fitness routine, use these tips and tricks to keep yourself going on a path to success.

Cardio Bunnies

Are you a cardio bunny, slaving away on the treadmill? You may be and don’t realize it!

Bodyweight Training Builds the Mind and Body

Sometimes I plan my workouts sometimes they just happen, depending on the kind of time I have. So for the last three days I have done 5,500 bodyweight reps Tuesday 2,500 bodyweight squats, Wednesday 1,000 cargo strap (Atlas Style) pushups and Thursday 2,000 bench dips. The rules I use on myself for the last 3 days was drink water and eat nothing all day while I worked and not until I completed the number of reps I set for the day.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Elbow injuries are very common, especially in the summer when people are playing more golf and racquet sports. In this article two very common elbow conditions; Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow. We will discuss what these conditions are, what’s going on in the body and how you can prevent them from happening as well as what to do if you are already suffering with pain.

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