Kettlebell Rack: Girevoy vs Hardstyle

Unconventional Exercise

If you want to lose weight but can’t stand to exercise, don’t give up hope. There are a variety of activities you can try that are not typically thought of as exercise, but which can still help you get fit.

Warming Up and Cooling Down to Prevent Aches and Injuries

Warming up and cooling down is a vital part of exercise, as it prepares your body for the pressure it is about to come under before a workout and then helps to slow your body down for resting afterwards. Without these important procedures, you could put your body under undue stress and cause yourself discomfort or even injury. It only takes 5 minutes, so don’t rush into working out without it!

Designing a Jump Training Program

This article will discuss how to design a good jump training program. It will talk about the importance of plyometrics and weight training when designing a program.

Plyometric Benefits

This article will talk about the many health benefits of plyometrics. Benefits that include helping the nervous system perform better, increasing strength, and burning a lot of calories.

Burn 800 Calories Cycling!

So, you’ve made your new years resolution. You’ve decided to drop that extra 30, 50, 70 pounds. But, where do you start?

Top 3 Double Under Jump Rope Coaching Techniques

The ability to execute the Double Under movement is a grand achievement for most CrossFitters. That being said, the ability to coach the movement is a different animal in itself. Follow these techniques to improve your ability to coach and help your athletes excel.

Waist Exercises: The Bicycle Crunch

Want to tighten up both your upper and lower abs? The bicycle crunch is the perfect tool to add to your waist exercise toolbox.

Tired of Starting Over? Quit Quitting

They say that getting started is the hardest part of a workout routine. Well, if you never stop, you don’t have to go through that again. In any exercise routine, keeping it going is the only way you are going to be successful. The best way to stay on track is to quit quitting! Here’s how…

Smart Exercise Ideas and Tips

Exercise is one of the important factors that keep you fit and healthy. You need to adapt a lifestyle that is suitable and convenient to you to make exercise an important component of your daily life. There are various ways and methods that you can adopt to make your exercise regime more interesting.

How to Lose Abdominal Fat While Driving!

Learn how to lose weight fast through a Professional Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist. You will be surprised with your own fast weight loss progress you thought was never possible. Another alternative is to get hold of the Best-Seller book since 2007 in the Health and Fitness Category – The Truth to Six Pack Abs.

6 Reasons Your Workout Feels Harder Than It Should

Sometimes exercise feels harder than it does other times. On some days, it may feel like a challenge just to stumble through your regular routine. Here are six reasons why your workout feels harder than it should.

Top 5 Tips to Setting Up a Home Gym

Setting up a gym at home for your personal use is really not hard – it’s mainly about creating a functional and usable space that you will want to go into every day for your workout. Exercise needs to be enjoyable so it’s crucial that you find something that works for you and can fit in with your daily routine. Exercise that seems like a chore will fall by the wayside and your gym equipment will become a rack for clothing or just take up space in your garage.

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