Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift [demo + errors]

Get Optimal Fitness Results by Sparing 10-Minutes Each Day

10-Minute Trainer schedule utilize the technique of “Super stacking” to give you optimal fitness results in just 10 Minutes. Instead of focusing on one area of body at a single time, this workout focuses multiple areas of your body to give you the desired results. It focuses on upper body, lower body, cardio, and abs at a single time using resistance bands.

Getting Over The “Physical Cliff”

It is time to say “Goodbye” to 2012!!! With all the talk about the fiscal cliff I decided to focus on the “Physical Cliff” many of us are facing. Are you ready to get over your own personal “Physical Cliff”? Do you want to be more physically active this New Year?

How to Train Right – Why You Need a Heart Rate Monitor

Have you ever wanted to have the most effective workout possible? Of course you have! Learn what heart rate has to do with your fat and calorie burn during your workouts.

Beachbody and Les Mills Unite

Two of the biggest names in fitness have merged together to create 2 intense programs. Learn more about the merger of Beachbody and Les Mills here.

The Right Way to Work Out With High Intensity

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is emerging as an imperative for people who want to get maximum results exercising in less time. This article looks closer at High Intensity Interval Training and some basic tips to incorporate at into your exercise and fitness goals.

Some Startling Revelations About Exercise, Fitness and Health

Recently University research has revealed some startling revelations about exercise and health and the importance of at least some exercise. Also, the research has revealed a kind of body trigger that can be switched with low amounts of exercise.

How to Safely Learn Qigong Exercises Online

Qigong exercises are gaining ever greater popularity worldwide, but some experts warn that learning qigong online can be dangerous. Is there as safe way to learn qigong online?

How to Find the Best Home Treadmills in 2013

Buying a treadmill these days can be frustrating. Manufacturers are now highly competitive with their products. More and more features are being introduced especially with electronics. But there’s still some pitfalls in purchase for the unwary. We take you through what to look out for here in our article.

Can You Lift a Car?

This is a little more ‘extreme’ than most exercises. At least that’s how it may appear.

Can Exercise Help in Preventing Diabetes?

It is said that diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia. Obesity, sedentary lifestyles and lack of regular exercise puts many adults over the age of 45 under the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. Overweight adults or those who have a history of diabetes in their family will more likely be diagnosed for Type 2 diabetes. When your body loses its ability to convert the glucose in the blood into energy, sugar gets stored in the body and it leads to diabetes.

Stretching Exercises to Overcome Pain and Increase Flexibility

Stretching is vital to keeping the joints and muscles flexible, strong, and less susceptible to injury. It is also the most overlooked key to physical fitness.

The Significance Of Exercise For Good Health

Everyone is aware that exercise is ideal for good health, but the question is how many people really bother to do it? One way or other people always find ways and means of shirking doing exercises with excuses like they have too much to do, do not have the time to do it or that they are just plain tired after a hard day’s work. There are ever so many people who make New Year resolutions year after year to start exercising, but that hardly ever gets done.

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