Kettlebell Split Squat – exercise demo

Top Rated Minimalist Running Shoes

One of the most important considerations in choosing minimalist running shoes is the suitability of the shoe to the type of surface you’ll be running on. There are different types of shoes for different surfaces.

Why Should a Person Hire a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is the new fad. There are young and old alike who are hiring trainers to manage their health. You might have been toying with the idea yourself, but while thinking about this, you might wonder why you should go for it.

Personal Training for the Elderly

Now that most people seem to be living a fuller life and to a longer age, they are finding that they have to work hard to take care of their body. Many are afraid and worry about how they are going to do this.

The Benefits of Compound Movements Vs Isolation Movements for Building Muscle

When it comes to building muscle strength with exercise, there are a few methodologies that you should employ. Compound movements train multiple muscle groups and isolation exercises train individual muscles. Both are needed to help build muscle.

No Time to Workout, No Problem!

We are often known to say, that “there isn’t any time to workout because we have a busy day” and so on and so forth the story goes. I rarely find that i don’t have the time for the things that I deem important enough to do. Such can be the case sometimes, but not too often. As I see it, working out is not a time issue most of the time, but rather it’s a priority or time management issue. So prioritizing and time management is where I will focus the majority of this article.

Strength Training, for the Rest of Us! Guidelines to Improve Functional Health

Are you addicted to junk food, hate the idea of exercise, or are you so stressed out that you can’t imagine adding even one more challenging task to your all ready full plate? Discover a simple and effective way to strength train. A program, that even you can, and will stick to doing.

The Ultimate Abdominal Program Workout

You might, by now, have discovered that the squat tops in its class. It stimulates body composition changes (fat loss and muscle gain) successfully, as one of the most useful overall exercises.

Exercise Is A Great Way To Improve The Health And Appearance Of Your Skin

Most people are aware that exercise can help with weight loss, strengthen your heart and lungs, and build muscle. But did you know that exercise is important for healthy skin? Regular exercise keeps your skin healthy and vibrant, enhancing your appearance. An exercise program on an at-home fitness machine like an elliptical trainer is a convenient way to get the exercise you need for healthy looking skin.

The Healthy Path

The begging of a new healthy lifestyle that can really pay off the dividends! We can really achieve our goals of becoming healthy and fit. Lets start today and see where it can take us!

5 Running Injuries to Watch Out For

Running Injuries are a part of running Running is a great form of exercise. It is even considered as a great way to lose weight quickly. But running is not only about getting fit and healthy.

Get Fit? You Haven’t Got the Motivation!

Shouting and screaming at people to work hard and get fit is a largely pointless exercise. They don’t appreciate it and it doesn’t motivate them. So if that doesn’t work, what does?

How to Use Plyometrics to Increase Your Vertical Jump Height

It doesn’t matter if you want to increase vertical jump height or just reach the peak of your physical fitness- plyometric exercises are fantastic for building endurance, stamina, and explosive strength. Try them out now.

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