Kettlebell Squat Clean & Cluster Variations

4 Ways to Maintain Momentum of Your Workouts

In the ”busy-ness” of everyday life it ‘s very easy to lose momentum of your work outs- the loss can reel from a day to a week and then gloriously extend to months on end! On the other hand regular consistent efforts can bring cumulative gains even over a short period of time. The key – as in all life’s little endeavors is ‘consistency’.

Run Ferriss Run – Running The Four Hour Body Way

Tim “crash test genius” Ferriss hits the running track to evaluate jogging / sprinting techniques across the sports world, sampling all & sundry to give you the reader a brief synopsis of how to make the human body run faster & further. Efficient biomechanics are the foundation of every quality “running” technique & whilst Ferris investigated (and sampled) various methodologies there were several salient building blocks that revealed themselves to be the basis for “running like the wind.”

Flat Stomach Exercises Made Simple

When it comes to discovering the best flat stomach exercises, there are several factors one has to look at such as how high your heart rate raises and how many muscle groups are involved. Unfortunately, most people wrongly assume doing hundreds upon hundreds of crunches and sit-ups everyday is what creates a flat stomach, but this could not be any further from the truth. Performing these isolation exercises focusing on the abdominals is only going to build more muscle in the area but it will not do very much for fat loss.

How to Have All the Benefits of a Gym Workout in Your Home With Extreme In Home Exercise Programs

The author delves into the benefits of exercise and a cost effective way to have an Extreme workout in your home using highly rated in home workout programs. With the cost of gym memberships on the rise and the stress levels of the world increasing, an alternative must be found to give more access to high quality workouts with little or no equipment needed.

Alternative Exercises Can Make You Feel Better

Have you ever felt down and depressed, and felt that nothing can cheer you up. Depression is a part and parcel of human life, and everyone goes through phases of happiness as well as melancholia. But, do not let depression become your friend…

Most Common Injuries in a Half Marathon And How to Deal With Them

Most injuries in a half marathon are related to the use of unreliable training program. When one implements such a program he or she is subjecting himself or herself not only to poor performance but to various injuries.

Fat Burning Tips 1

Walking is a perfect exercise for busy men and women on the go. It builds fitness, burns calories, prevents weight gain, protects against heart disease, stroke and back pain, and increases longevity. Women who walked only 30 minutes, 5 times per week lost an average of 5 pounds in 6 to 12 months- without dieting or exercising intensely.

The Challenge – Motivating Children to Be Active

Could a competition that is fun and use technology be a motivator to get children active? I can tell you that this plan motivated 300 employees at my work place to get healthy and it can work for your family too!

Fitness 101 – Best Foods to Eat After Working Out

Many of us eat before working out as it helps fuel our body with energy and stamina. But did you know that eating after working out is even more important? When it comes to working out, the most crucial meal is the one you have after you exercise. After you exercise, your muscles are literally starving for nutrients, so the meal that you eat at this time is the most important as it helps build muscle and replenish your energy. Contrary to popular belief, it is advisable to drink and eat within thirty minutes after exercising – which is the time frame when the body is able to utilize these nutrients. With this, let me share to you the best foods to eat after working out. Here are some of them.

Why Excessive Exercise Can Do More Harm Than Good

You have no doubt realised labour intensive work is on the decrease. Jobs, careers and lifestyles are becoming more sedate with computers, gaming and non active recreation becoming the norm. So why would excessive exercise be harmful?

How to Choose the Right Exercise Class for You

Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Boxercise, Legs Bums and Tums… there are a huge number of exercises classes out there to choose from, each with their own benefits. If you lack the motivation to work out by yourself, these classes are an ideal way for you to get off the sofa and get your cardiovascular system working. But with so many possibilities, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here are our top tips on finding your perfect exercise class.

My Favorite Way To Lose Man Boobs

Do you have man boobs? Learn my favorite way to lose your man boobs and lose them fast.

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