Kettlebell Squat + Reverse Lunge

If You Don’t Walk More Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

We’ve all heard it before, you’re going to have to “walk” those calories off. But it’s much more than a way to burn calories. Walking is essential to life and the foundation of our mobility.

Don’t Have Time to Exercise? Think Again: 10 Ways to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Schedule

I’d agree that some people are too busy to actually find time for a traditional workout, such as hitting the gym, going for a jog or bike ride. However, there are countless ways to incorporate exercise into everyone’s daily routine.

New Year’s Resolutions

It seems that every year it is a tradition for people to make New Years Resolutions. A New Years Resolution is a commitment or a list of things that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or reforming of a habit. A big difference from this set of goals compared to other goals is the idea that the New Year is the opportunity for a new start.

Achieving Your Fitness Plan

Many of us set out to lose weight without really thinking things through. Achieving your fitness goals requires focus, patience and a plan. Without a plan you increase your chances of failure. This article will look at some simple goal setting that you can use to increase your success

Get a Total Body Workout in 15 Minutes

Skipping workouts because you’re strapped for time? Learn how to get a total body workout from home in only 15 minutes with compound exercises and circuit training so you never have to miss a workout again!

Protein Supplements for 6 Pack Abs

There are numerous people who decide to build six pack abs every day. But not many know the importance of protein supplements and their effects in generating quick results.

A Secret to Improving Pushups

Everyone that trains at some point has done or still does pushups to some degree. The problem is most people really don’t work very hard at getting better at pushups. Pushups are usually done to warm up or cool down at the end of a workout.

Preparing Your Body for the Beach

A lot of people love to go the beach to swim, but not too many actually go the beach for fear their body flaws would show. Fortunately, sculpting your body to be bikini-ready is not impossible at all. What’s more is that the most effective exercises that can help you achieve a body like that of a celebrity are the simplest exercises.

I Lost the Will to Exercise Today!

It had all been planned in my mind last night, I would go to bed at a reasonable hour for once get a good night’s sleep then be up fresh and fit for 6.30 am, or that’s what I planned. But true to human form when do plans…

Weight Loss and Do We Need Exercise?

Are you looking to exercise to control your weight? Is it the most reliable way to do this?

Finding A Solution When You’re Stuck With Your Exercise Goals

It’s great to set fitness goals, but sometimes it’s very hard to attain them. It seems that you may reach a certain level and not be able to progress further no matter how hard you try. This is called a fitness plateau. When you hit a fitness plateau, there are certain things you can do to work past it. Read on to find out how!

Power Of The Mind To Live A Healthy And Fit Lifestyle

You really need to train your mind just like you would your body. It takes hard work, dedication and patience. If you realize the power of the mind and use it to your advantage while committing yourself to living a healthy and fit lifestyle, you WILL achieve your goals.

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