Kettlebell Strength Workout – THE BIG FOUR

This is a simple but super effective #kettlebell #strength interval #workout with two kettlebells, press, squat, pull, and push.
The workout itself takes about 30 minutes, but with a good warm-up and stretching you’re looking at a 40 to 45-minute kettlebell workout.

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Enjoying the Benefits of BCCA’s

Getting fit is definitely something that you could take pride in. Fitness after all has become such a huge fad that almost everybody is into. However, you should realize that it may not be enough to stay fit.

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People go to the extra mile in looking for a suitable exercise activity that fits their preference and needs well. Going to the gym can be a bit of a pain especially with the reoccurring fees that need to be paid.

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Not everyone wants to join a gym. If you are one of those people who would prefer to exercise at home buying your own cross trainer or exercise bike might be a smart move. If you exercise at home you have complete control of when you exercise and how hard you exercise each day.

Running Addiction

Everyone needs a healthy addiction and running is mine. I can think of no finer way to start the day than hitting the road. It opens my mind and my heart. I think and plan, mull over and solve problems, and most importantly I take the time to relax and appreciate how lucky I am to be alive.

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Sports And The Klutz

There’s no way around it: I’m a klutz. Since childhood, I’ve tried and failed to perform at various physical activities. I’m so bad that, at one point, I even helped a team of parents lose honestly to their children. In spite of this, I enjoy physical activity and it’s taken almost all my life to find an exercise class that I enjoy and can even do well.

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Gearing up for a big workout immediately ahead? Not so fast. If you neglect to warm-up, not only will your performance be lower during that workout, but you’ll stand a greater risk of being injured as well. This is why understanding some of the best warm-up exercises is important. Simply do 2 or 3 of these before you get going and you’ll be ready to see great results. Let’s look at four such exercises for you to consider…

Assessing Ankle Range of Motion to Screen For Injury Risk and Performance Limitation

Learn how to easily screen for ankle deficiencies which can cause injuries and limit physical performance. Ankle limitations can affect quality of movement and increase risk of ankle, knee and back injuries. Do not miss these easy to implement strategies which you can start using immediately.

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