KettleBells for Metabolic and Neurological Adaptation2

8 Totally Easy Ways To Fit In Exercise Time

Working out doesn’t have to be complicated or super time consuming. Sneak workout time into your daily activities.

Predicting and Preventing Pain

Active people will always have some injuries that they must deal with. Hopefully the injuries will be of a minor type that do not sideline you from training. Many fitness writers point to poor form, lack of warm-up and stretching as the causes of injury. While this may be true for the immediate cause there are larger factors at work that you must know about to prevent injury.

What You Should Know About Variability In A Workout Program

If you’re someone who has been on a workout program designed to help you with toning up before but have been discouraged with the results that you had achieved, it may be time to consider how adding more workout variability to the mix can help assist with achieving your goals. Many people get stuck in the rut of going into the gym and performing the same workout program over and over again, yet not seeing the results they were expecting. So how does variability help change this pattern? And perhaps more importantly, how can you make it work for you in your own exercise program? Let’s go over some of the main things that you need to know.

Transform Your Body For The Beach In Six Weeks

You can make big changes to your body in as little as just six weeks. Learn how to slim down, get more toned and build muscles today.

Exercises for People Who Hate Exercise

People who hate exercise often believe that achieving physical fitness is impossible for them. You may fear that the only way you can lose weight and strengthen your muscles is by purchasing an expensive gym membership that you will never have time to use. You may know from sad past experience that if you buy costly home fitness equipment, it will sit unused in your basement. Even adopting a program of routine physical exercises may be distasteful to you. Perhaps you cannot fit the exercises into your overcrowded schedule or you find the exercise routines too boring to carry out on a daily basis.

The “Movement Engine” of Kung Fu – Secret Teacher

Classical kung fu is mystery, amazement, pragmatism, and beauty all rolled up into a single practice. It is one of the most effective means of self-defence ever developed while at the same time one of the most cerebral and spiritual practices you will ever find.

New Year’s Resolution: Get in Shape!

Making and keeping your new year’s resolution, and can help! Here’s how!

The Dreaded Plateau: What Can Cause Them, and How to Overcome Them With Intensity

Plateaus seem to be commonplace in any training regimen. Learn what can cause them, and how you can overcome a plateau in your exercise program with intensity.

Proper Running Technique: What You’re Doing Wrong, and How to Correct It

There’s one huge mistake that you’re probably making while running. Learn what it is, what it’s doing to you, and how to correct it!

Jogging Versus Sprinting: Which Is Better For You?

Doing cardio has become synonymous with jogging, but this may be doing your body more harm than good and hinder your fitness goals. Learn one key way to mix up your cardio and expedite your results.

Tips for Racing and Running

Here are some race tactics as the Spring/Summer events season approaches and I hope this will be helpful to my readers! It goes without saying that the following ideas and tips will need to be tailored to the type and distance of race you are competing in. Tactics for Running events are likely to differ to Triathlons and similarly your approach to a 5km race will be different from your approach for a marathon.

Top 8 Mistakes People Make in Trying To Get Fit and Lose Weight

So many people start out with good intentions to get fit only to lose ground and give up. Often they start out well but then they lose faith in their ability to achieve their goals. This article outlines top 8 reasons people give up.

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