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Top Exercise Questions: Answered

Top exercise questions range from “Is it safe for pregnant women to workout?” to “Is it better to perform cardio before or after lifting weights?”.

10 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV

After a long day of work, the last thing you are in the mood for is hitting the gym. You want to go home, plaster yourself on the couch and enjoy a bit of mindless entertainment for a few hours. There is no need for your body to suffer though.

30 Day Workout for Toned Legs

Getting toned legs is not as easy as many body builders may think especially if the legs are not bulky or fatty. Toning your legs takes time, dedication and some great exercises. Remember that toned legs are the by-product of burning extra fat stored on the legs.

Top Three Stretches For The Quads

Regular exercise is essential to fitness. Strength training and cardiovascular exercise increases lean muscle mass and encourages the body to burn more calories while at rest. Before exercising, it is important to stretch properly to avoid injuring the muscles being worked. These three exercises do not require a great deal of workout equipment, only an exercise band is necessary to perform these quad stretches. You may want to place an exercise mat on the floor before beginning.

How To Make Fitness A Habit

The ugly fact about most workout programs is that they are dropped. Your chances of success in your workout program go up dramatically if you are aware of the four key elements that make building a strong habit easier.

Essential Practices to Stay Fit and Healthy

Explain the purpose of physical fitness. Take a different approach to our daily lives.

Bodyweight Training – Forget The Pushups, Train the Legs!

How tough is leg training? Ever throw up doing bench presses? I never did as a matter of fact I threw up only one time in my life during training and it wasn’t from sprints or calisthenics; it was after a set of 20 rep squats.

Crunch the Habit of Doing Crunch After Crunch

Tired of crunching out crunch after crunch with little to no results? Here are our 3 favorite ab exercises, guaranteed to help give you the abs you want.

Basic Hamstring Injury Exercises

Hamstring injury pertains to the injury in the thigh muscle region sustained when the body is subjected to rigid bodily exercises. This injury is common among athletes, and to the novice who are not used to heavy exercises. Moreover, basic home exercises are helpful to prevent serious injury, minimize the pain, and most of all prevent hamstring injury to take place.

Effective Workout Tips: Get Your Dream Body in 30 Minutes a Day

Did you know that you don’t have to workout for hours in order to get your dream body? It’s true. In fact, only 30-45 minutes a day is enough to firm you up and trim you down-if your exercise routines are the correct type. Follow these effective workout tips and get your dream body in just 30 minutes a day.

Morning, Evening? When Is the Best Time to Exercise?

If you are trying to lose weight or are simply interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then regular exercise is a key ingredient in their recipe of goal achievement. However, many of us are struggling with lives that are increasingly busy and, consequently, we see our free time diminish as our responsibilities increase. This is bad news for people who want to exercise, especially because the best time of day for a work out is between 4 and 6 pm. Great. Right after work and right before dinner-probably the time of day when we have the least amount of energy!

Strength Training for Beginners – How to Start Your Child Off Right

It wasn’t too long ago that strength training for adolescence was thought to be taboo, and it would put developing bodies at greater risk of bone damage and growth plate injury. These stunted growth myths have become old-school thinking.

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