Making of The Pro Kettlebell: The First Pour – Here’s What Happened

Influence of Exercise on Your Gene

The article is about the influence of exercise and diet on your gene. Find how to strengthen you gene and create super babies with proper exercise.

5 Overlooked Benefits of Working Out

We all know working out helps you lose weight and build muscle, but don’t forget these other benefits that will motivate you to exercise. Learn how exercise affects your brain, sleep and body.

Senior Fitness Programs – 3 Excellent Exercise Options For Seniors

Finding the right senior fitness program is very important. Here are 3 excellent exercise options for seniors.

Body Weight Exercises Why You Need Them In Your Workout Routine

Body weight exercises are an essential part to every workout routine. Discover why you need to have bodyweight exercises in your workout program.

The Beginner’s Guide to Stretching Exercises for Any Sport or Exercise Routine

Any sport or exercise program can cause severe injuries to your joints, tendons and muscles if you engage in them without first doing a proper warm-up. Here is a quick guide to help people appreciate the importance of warming-up before participating in any form of physical action complete with some simple routines to follow to get you started and keep you injury free.

Fitness Over 50: 5 Stages To Getting Back In Shape

If you’re over 50 and noticeably out of shape, heading out to the gym to start lifting weights, running on the treadmill or using an elliptical may not be the best idea – in fact it could have horrible, even fatal consequences. Instead, follow this 5-stage plan to get back in shape in a safer, healthier process…

Exercises For Elderly Women – The Important Goals and Benefits You Should Know About

Exercises for elderly women are extremely important. Learn the goals and benefits that you should definitely be knowledgeable about.

8 Basic Exercises For Beginners

Here are some basic exercises for beginners to help you build a good foundation. You will find a list of 8 basic exercises along with descriptions, and lastly two different workout routines tying all of the exercises together. One routine will be easier and the other a little more intense. However, once you are comfortable doing the exercises with the proper form and decent endurance feel free to create your own routines.

5 Tips for a Beginner Triathlete

If you are thinking about becoming a triathlete, you are one of the many who would embark in one of the highest growing sports among amateurs. Coming into the triathlon “world,” a newbie might be concerned about the time invested in her new sport, as well as money for the equipment and all of those gadgets that you see triathletes using. If you are looking to make a plunge into becoming a triathlete, here are a few tips for a beginner triathlete can keep in mind as you train and prepare for your first race.

Stretching Exercises: Simple Self-Maintenance

Interested in reducing pain and increasing your flexibility? Adding stretching exercises to your repertoire may be the missing piece. The thing to consider is that many people struggle with procrastination and follow through. Allow me to provide you with simple motivation techniques that will allow you to stay focused.

Navigating Gyms: Choosing A Gym, Etiquette and Communication

Gyms can be either a wonderful experience or a nightmare. I always advocate a gym membership over investing in your own home equipment. For one thing, having all the necessary equipment for the type of exercises I and many others advocate would cost you a small fortune.

Stretching: You’re Doing It Wrong, Here’s Why

Stretching is a supposed cure-all for exercise related problems. What if we were wrong about it this whole time? Find out how you should prepare your body for your next workout or sport.

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