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Why You Need to Calculate Your Target Heart Rate

People nowadays are getting more and more health conscious, and the majority are into tips and ideas. A healthy lifestyle includes exercise, and if your aim is to burn fat, you need to keep your heart rate in the Fat Burning Zone.

Forget The Gym To Achieve Elite Fitness

Achieve Elite Cycling Fitness intelligently through careful balanced training regimes and by understanding the importance of rest. Forget the Gym in order to cycle more effectively.

Is Your Bargain Gym Really A Bargain?

Bargain hunting is great. Just make sure that cut-rate fitness center you’re considering is really a bargain.

Forty Years After Title IX Legislation – Teen Female Athlete ACL Injuries Are Not Decreasing

Participating in sports has risks. The risk of injury ranks as the highest priority and most feared by all coaches and athletes. Who wants to lose time playing from an injury?

How To Use Serratus Anterior Exercises To Target The Most Elusive Muscles In The Human Body

It is no secret, the serratus anterior is one of the hardest muscles to effectively target and promote growth in. These small and difficult to engage muscles are located between the latissimus dorsi, the outer/lower region of the pectorals and the obliques.

Losing Weight on the Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet dictates that each blood type has a susceptibility to certain diseases, benefits from specific exercises and should only eat certain foods. The blood type diet has become enormously popular recently, and makes a lot of sense to many people, with its references to human history and evolution.

Training Programs Offered in Lifetime Fitness Gym

Lifetime is a company that has fitness gyms and services throughout the U.S. Currently, there are 102 locations spread out over 22 states. The following is a guide about Lifetime Fitness and some of the programs they have available.

How to Improve Your Running – Tips for Improving Technique

These practical tips will help you have better runs and reduce injuries and discomfort – especially on long runs. Run less often! More and more research is showing that repeated long distance running is bad for your body (and mind).

Four Activities to Circumvent When You Get on a Weight Training Program

There are several articles and publications on build muscle programs, and our website has quite a few. But there isn’t too much out there on what NOT to do when embarking on a weight training program, and here we would like to go over a few things that you should not do. Some of these may seem a bit controversial, and with exercising as well as dieting, what works well for some may not yield similar results for other.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Tennis Racket!

Contrary to what the article title suggests, not everybody reading this article is dimwitted. You’re probably the type of person that’s new to the sport, and would like to know the basic guidelines for choosing a tennis racket, yeah? If so, be smart and read this article!

Top Rated Way to Get a Six Pack – Fast

Guys, we all want to get a six pack fast. Well most people spend endless hours each week doing some sort of ab workout and never get those really defined and ripped abs they are looking for. Most guys can build the muscle easily enough, but don’t work on stripping away the fat. Below i will teach you how to blast away those last few pounds of fat…the ladies will be asking you how you got so ripped, defined and sexy so fast and want to join you.

5 Components of a Perfect Workout

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown to a perfect workout begins now! There seems to be so much confusion about what is the best workout that we decided to address this question now. Is it simple running or cross country skiing due to its overall body conditioning as well as incredible cardiovascular benefits?

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