My unilateral training so far

Train Like an Olympic Athlete

With the excitement of the Olympics still resonating with a lot of people and summer just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about more about fitness and getting in shape for those days at the beach than you were during the grey cold of winter! Don’t waste your summer indoors – get outside during spring and train like an Olympic athlete so that you look and feel your very best when the warmer months roll around.

4 Exercise Tips To Help You Stay Moving

When it comes to getting into shape, millions of people give up before they see major results. The average person gives up because most fitness options are boring to say the least. Getting excited about moving around and having fun is not something that motivates a lot of people, which is why many are facing serious issues with their battle of the bulge.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

There are many ways to lower blood sugar levels. Many people rely on medication, however, some of us do not like to take medicine if we can prevent it. Here is how I keep medication to a minimum.

Not Currently Using Supersets? Then I Highly Advise You To Read This Article

Supersets are exercises that are performed back to back with no rest in between. The benefits of using supersets are many. Find out why you need to start using them in your workouts and why once you do, you will never go back to single exercise reps again.

Exercise Workouts: 5 to 7 Rule

Beginning a new exercise workout can be frustrating and even dangerous however with a few rules to follow your plan of action can turn into a solid and beneficial full body workout. Learning how to work your routine at a pace that will help you to grow or lose weight safely is what’s important. The 5 to 7 rule is just a base idea that you can and even should fit into your own work out exercise.

P90X2 – What to Expect From the Program

P90X2 comes as a second version of the world famous workout program called P90X. This time, it’s more focused on improving sport skills. Tony Horton once again did a great job.

Use Your Elliptical Trainer To Keep Your HDL At A Healthy Level

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that occurs naturally in all parts of the body and is required for cell membrane permeability and fluidity and as a precursor for the biosynthesis of steroid hormones, bile acids and vitamin D. Cholesterol levels in the blood need to be at a balanced level or they may become a risk factor for heart disease. HDL cholesterol is the type of cholesterol involved in taking LDL cholesterol out of the bloodstream so it does not get high enough to be a risk to heart health. Regular exercise, like the type you get on an elliptical trainer, can help to keep your HDL levels at a healthy level, reducing your chance of developing heart disease.

Lean Body Mass a Major Key to Aging Gracefully

Provides information on how building lean body mass can be essential to aging gracefully and to keep your independence as you age. Also explaining things that may contradict the conventional approach to exercise but have proven to be very effective.

Stages of a Workout Program

When you begin an exercise program you should be aware that long term workout programs consist of stages. This article describes those stages and what you can expect from each.

What Are Some Health Risks of Running on a Treadmill?

There are many health risks associated with the activity of running. This is especially true for runners using treadmills. These risks are necessary information that all people should be aware of before they start their fitness routine.

Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise: Why They’re Both Important

Aerobic and anaerobic- what’s the difference? Aerobic exercise requires the body to use oxygen to produce energy. With anaerobic exercise, the body creates energy without extra oxygen- your body relies on its natural chemicals to create the energy.

Effective Diet And Routine For Women

A 5 day workout routine for women is great for those looking to lose weight in a timely manner. Working out can at times be trying. It requires persistence and the drive to get out of bed each day to do exercises. For some, this may come easy because they are primed to physical activity.

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