Pro Kettlebell Full Body Workout

Working Out With Sore Muscles – 4 Tips To Help Get You Through

Most people believe that when your muscles are aching from a hard workout the previous day, that there is not much you can do and that resting if the fastest way to get through it. This just isn’t the case. Take a look at these tips to get you back to full strength faster.

Got Knee Pain? Treat the Source NOT the Symptoms!

If you are reading this, you may have had knee pain or are looking for some exercises to prevent this condition. My essay is a basic corrective exercise approach to common knee pain usually caused by lack of ankle & hip mobility.

How Athletic Workouts Became the New Normal for Women

The 1968 release of Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper’s book, Aerobics, began the shift from disease treatment to disease prevention. Exercising, specifically aerobic exercise, became normal and led to such fitness trends as Jazzercise (1969) and aerobic dance (1970s).

Are You Ready For The Summer?

Time for camping, BBQs, evenings out, family activity days and holidays. The chance to make the most of the hot weather and lounge around by the beach or swimming pool topping up your tan.

The Important Of Range Of Motion In Weight Lifting

Personal trainer Llanelli Jamie Stedman talks about strategies to improve your training results. Range of motion has a big impact on your muscle building potential.

5 Ways to Workout at Work Without Anyone Noticing

Learn five awesome ways to get a workout at work without anyone knowing! These five exercises will strengthen your core, legs and even get you some cardio.

When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

Personal trainer in Llanelli Jamie Stedman discusses when the most effective time of day to train is. See if you agree.

Get Fit In Five Minutes

Personal trainer llanelli Jamie Stedman gives you 10 5 minute workouts you can do when you are in a rush. These workouts are simple to do but very effective.

My Outdoor Gym

Doesn’t the weather make you feel so much better when it’s nice? Everyone just seems a little bit happier, the stresses they had don’t seem quite so bad when the sun is out.

Some Health Facts You May Not Have Thought Of

When it comes to health and exercise there are a lot of urban legends and downright misinformation about what can hurt our health, and help it. As we become more knowledgeable in the field through testing and other observation, we are starting to rethink many of the perceptions that go into exercise that were once considered common knowledge. In this article we will discuss four areas that have now turned around our thinking, shedding new light on the subject.

Beginner’s Workout Plan

BEGINNER’S WORKOUT PLAN – Now, there are two reasons why a person is going to workout – to get fit or to get muscles. This writing is for the first reason.

Why Is Nutrition Important With Exercise?

There are many things that can help you get a great body and keep it along with making sure that you’re nutritionally healthy as well. However, one of the key things that you have to do is exercise, and even though you need to exercise there is another thing that you need to think about as well that goes along with it too is the fact that you need to have good nutrition as well. It’s integral to keeping a healthy body and also a healthy mind and there are some major reasons why you should look into it.

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